Endovascular Aneurysm Training Module Now Supports Vascutek’s Anaconda™ Devices

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical simulation, training and education products, announces that it is increasing its library of training opportunities on the ANGIO Mentor™ with the new EVAR Vascutek module.

The Simbionix ANGIO Mentor products are multidisciplinary surgical simulators that provide hands-on practice of endovascular procedures in a virtual reality simulated environment.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) is defined as an increase of the abdominal aorta by at least 3 cm. In the USA, annual mortality from AAA rupture is approximately 15,000 patients, making it the 13th leading cause of death in the United States.

Traditional surgical treatment of AAA involves a large incision to place a synthetic graft to repair the diseased artery. This method may result in long hospital stays and painful recoveries. Physicians continue to seek less invasive alternatives to this major open surgical approach.

Today, more physicians are treating AAA using the Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) approach which includes insertion of a synthetic graft via the femoral artery and placing it inside the aorta to repair the disease. The EVAR approach is also associated with a shorter hospital stay as well as reduced complications and mortality compared to the traditional surgical treatment. Despite that, it is still a very complicated procedure that requires advanced skills from surgeons.

Simbionix currently provides training tools and Virtual Reality (VR) simulators for most of the leading devices for EVAR procedures in the industry.  Now, the EVAR Vascutek module will help physicians practice the clinical and practical aspects of Vascutek’s Anaconda™ stent graft system on various anatomies, using the latest techniques and therapeutic approaches available.

Paul Holbrook, President & CEO at Vascutek Ltd commented that “The endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm training module for Anaconda™ provides Vascutek with a specialized simulator enabling our dedicated team of Clinical Support Specialists to train clinicians worldwide on the deployment of the Anaconda™ stent graft system.  It also gives Vascutek the opportunity to further develop and enhance our clinician educational programs at international workshops and congresses.  Simbionix have been very responsive to meeting the specific requirements of Vascutek offering a professional service at all times.”

“Understanding the important role simulation plays in training physicians on the use of various medical devices, Simbionix has always made a point of working in partnership with leading device manufacturers to provide the most realistic hands-on products,” said Simbionix President, Mr. Ran Bronstein. “This goes hand in hand with our goal- To Advance Clinical Performance- as it has been proven that learning and practicing procedures on the ANGIO Mentor shortens the learning curve and helps surgeons keep up with the ongoing improvements in medical technologies.”

To experience the EVAR Vascutek module hands-on, visit Vascutek’s booth at the Veith Symposium, November 19-23, 2013 in New York, USA.

Simbionix USA Corporation is the world’s leading provider of simulation, training and education products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry. The company is committed to delivering high quality products, advancing clinical performance and optimising procedural outcomes.

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Contact: Rebecca Levy, Manager of Marketing Communications, at rebecca@simbionix.com

Innovative Pelvic Exam Training for all Clinicians Now Available by Simbionix

Cleveland, OH: Pelvic examinations are routinely performed for testing and evaluating various medical conditions including screening for cervical cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. Learning the female anatomy and how to conduct pelvic exams have posed a challenge due to the nature of the exam. Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical simulation, training and education products, is excited to introduce an advanced training tool for clinicians enabling hands-on practice for pelvic exams on a life-like computerized mannequin.

The Simbionix PELVIC Mentor™ simulator was designed to allow OB/GYNs, family doctors, medical students, nurses and other clinicians, the ability to obtain detailed hands-on knowledge of pelvic anatomy and to acquire the comprehensive skills required to perform pelvic exams. The integrated hybrid system combines a physical mannequin with a computerized 3D virtual system. A net of sensors translate the palpation, abdominal press and cervix manipulation into a real-time virtual reality visual image. The realistic mannequin provides learners and educators with the ability to identify anatomy, conduct an exam and receive feedback.  The unique system provides a stress free learning environment, and increases the comfort level for both clinicians and patients.

The Pelvic Exam module includes 6 interchangeable anatomies, each representing a different medical condition. Trainees have the opportunity to identify various pathologies before they encounter diverse health conditions in live patients.

“Conducting a pelvic examination can be especially challenging for new clinicians, as it requires both sensitivity and skill”, said Inbal Mazor, Simbionix VP of Global Marketing. ”Simbionix chose to use its expertise in advanced simulation of surgical procedures to develop a simulator for this essential exam. We believe this comprehensive product meets the needs of both patients and learners, who we expect will benefit from the reduced learning curve and the realistic hands-on training opportunity it offers.

Stop by Simbionix booth #345 at the upcoming AAGL Exhibit in Washington, D.C., November 10-14, to experience our training solutions for women’s health including the LAP Mentor™ for the training of laparoscopic skills and tasks, suturing, fundamental GYN procedures and hysterectomy; PELVIC Mentor™ for pelvic exams and anatomical recognition; and the HYST Mentor for practicing hysteroscopic procedures.

Simbionix USA Corporation is the world’s leading provider of simulation, training and education products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry.

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Contact: Rebecca Levy, Manager of Marketing Communications, at rebecca@simbionix.com

Simbionix Announces Initiation of the REHEARSAAAL Study

Cleveland, OH:  Simbionix, a leading provider of innovative training solutions, announced the initiation of the REHEARSAAAL study which evaluates the clinical benefits of preoperative patient specific simulation using the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™ for the treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAAs) by Endovascular Aortic Repair (EVAR).

This study will be conducted by multidisciplinary group of physicians from vascular surgery, interventional radiology and cardiology departments in hospitals across the United States and Europe.

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio allows physicians to create a 3D anatomical model based on a patient’s individualized CT scan to simulate, analyze and evaluate preoperative surgical options. The availability of patient specific technology allows the interventional team to engage in simulated practice procedures utilizing a patient’s own anatomy prior to performing an actual procedure, potentially leading to more precise treatment decisions, a reduction of errors, improved outcomes, and enhanced operator confidence.  Prior case simulation may allow patients to have a shortened procedure with less time under sedation, a reduction in radiation exposure, and a decrease in procedural complications.

This two-arm study will randomize 150 patients in 1:1 ratio, stratified by operator’s experience and procedure complexity. It compares real EVAR procedure parameters with an emphasis on radiation exposure time and safety parameters. Physicians treating patients enrolled for the preoperative patient specific simulation group will go through the simulated experience – a virtual practice session – prior to performing the real case.  Outcomes in these patients will be compared to procedures performed without prior simulated practice as is routinely done.

Dr. John Rundback, Medical Director, Interventional Institute at Holy Name Medical Center and the study’s Principal Investigator, “Simulation has proven experience in the aviation and other industries in improving performance and reducing errors. The Simbionix PROcedure Rehearsal Studio provides a platform to practice and optimize procedures using personalized patient data in advance of performing live cases, assuring an unparalleled opportunity to streamline all aspects of the actual procedure, improve patient safety, and reduce the use of additional costly devices that are often needed when procedures are unable to be rehearsed.”

See the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio at TCT in booth # 2408 and at VEITH in booth # 110.

About Simbionix:
Simbionix is committed to delivering quality products, advancing clinical performance and optimizing procedural outcomes. http://www.simbionix.com

Rebecca Levy, Marketing Communications Manager, rebecca@simbionix.com; 216-229-2070#128

New Appendectomy Cases on the Simbionix LAP Mentor

Cleveland, OH: Laparoscopic surgery has increasingly come to replace more traditional ‘open’ procedures in a variety of medical fields. Recognizing that these procedures require special training, Simbionix has made it a priority to provide extensive practice for physicians. This new addition of the advanced cases to the all-inclusive Appendectomy Module is a continuation of Simbionix’s effort to enrich the ever expending library of modules and enlarge the offering of the training hours on the LAP Mentor, currently estimated by more than 200 hours.

The LAP Mentor Appendectomy Module provides the most comprehensive, structured curriculum including the key components of the laparoscopic appendectomy procedure and addressing different levels of learner’s skills. It includes:

  • Basic procedural tasks that focus on acquisition of the basic skills required for appendectomy
  • Guided, procedural techniques to gain experience with different approaches to the procedure and appropriate use of surgical instruments such as stapler, ligating loop and energy devices
  • Free-hand complete procedure cases to allow repetitive practice in a simulation environment.

The new virtual cases include anatomical variations, such as a regular, retrocecal and preileal appendix, as well as different levels of inflammation such as a moderately inflamed, gangrenous and perforated appendix.

The President of Simbionix, Ran Bronstein, added, “The most innovative graphics and physics-based Simbionix technology were implemented in the enhanced module. This resulted in unique true-to life visualization, tools-tissue interaction, superior tissue dissection and exceptionally realistic bleeding and inflammation liquid effects, leading to the entire virtual reality procedure to simulate reality even closer than ever before.”

Visit Simbionix booth #1341 at the upcoming ACS Exhibition in Washington, DC, between October 6-10 for a hands on experience of the LAP Mentor, LAP Mentor Express, GI Mentor and the BRONCH Mentor.

About Simbionix USA Corporation:

Simbionix is the world’s leading provider of medical simulation training and education products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry. The company is committed to delivering high quality products, advancing clinical performance and optimizing procedural outcomes.

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Rebecca Levy, Manager of Marketing Communications, rebecca@simbionix.com; 216-229-2070 #128

Innovative Endovascular Basic Skills Training Module

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training, is proud to announce the release of the innovative Endovascular Basic Skills training module for the ANGIO Mentor™ simulator.

The Simbionix ANGIO Mentor is an innovative virtual reality training simulator, which provides hands-on practice in a simulated environment for endovascular procedures. This multidisciplinary system provides a training solution for a variety of endovascular procedures. An ever-expanding library of modules supports the acquisition and honing of procedural skills to build confidence and proficiency in various endovascular techniques and procedures.

Nowadays, endovascular basic skills and techniques can be practiced using flow models, animals, or on a real patient.

The Endovascular Basic Skills module is intended for residents or fellows who wish to acquire essential wire-catheter and imaging skills. It is set in a game-like environment and will allow training in a user friendly, enjoyable and safe setting. This is the first time that physicians will have the opportunity to learn and practice on both a non-anatomical and on an anatomical vascular model, in an interactive and challenging setting. This module is relevant for the following disciplines: Vascular Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Neuroradiology, Neuro Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Trauma.

“The basic skills module allows us to teach the essential technical skills required across all endovascular intervention practice without compromising patient safety. It enables the resident or fellow to train independently in his free time, repeating the task as necessary to improve his assessment results. The teaching physician can then use the data provided by the system to assess the trainee and generate his learning curve over time, as well as compare him to a cohort of his peers”, stated Jean Bismuth, M.D., Assistant Professor and a leading vascular surgeon at the Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center, Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas.


Visit us at CIRSE in Barcelona, Spain, September 14-18, to experience this exciting new module first hand.

New RCSA Certification Curriculum Uses ANGIO Mentor Simulators For Advanced Training

Margate, Florida;   RCSA™, in collaboration with Simbionix™, provides medical solutions for certification requirements.  Learners include cardiovascular medical specialists, vascular medical specialists, cardiovascular assistants, medical simulation educators and others.

The Registry of Cardiovascular Specialists and Assistants (RCSA™) is a public, non-profit company that developed a challenging certification curriculum for cardiovascular professionals.  Coursework incorporates a demanding training process that facilitates clinical and technical excellence in cognitive, procedural abilities and the development of critical, psycho-motor skills.

After completing their formal educational training, many medical professionals require additional specialized training to perform complex cardiovascular medical procedures.

Mr. Charles Williams, RCSA’s founder, said, “The cath lab is a fast-paced environment that requires attention to detail, quick assessment skills, and critical situational thought processes.   Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide the ideal learning environment.” As a result, medical professionals often question if they are making the right decisions for a patient.  RCSA was created to address this situation.

Colleges and universities throughout the United States now use simulators to ensure that their graduating students receive the best motor-skill experiences and advanced academic training.  RCSA will now utilize the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor simulator to provide senior cath lab specialists with needed skills and procedural knowledge.  This multidisciplinary surgical simulator provides a realistic hands-on practice of endovascular procedures typically performed under fluoroscopy in the cath lab, interventional suite or an OR.

The course was developed by the RCSA and is the first of its kind that defines cardiovascular simulation training and certification processes to which we will and must adhere. In addition to the basic program, the RCSA team completed the advanced requirements for accreditation as medical instructors and evaluators, as well as the Standards of Training and Practice of Certified Cardiovascular Medical Simulation Trainers (CTAE).

The continuing education accreditation process has been provided by the CaPCE, ASRT and the California Board of Registered Nurses, which are recognized by RCSA’s worldwide cardiovascular professional counterparts.  As a result, RCSA Simulation Certification Program attendees develop a professionally recognized skill set that is second-to-none in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

Contact:  Dr. Henry Pevsner, Chairman, Medical Director, CEO

Registered Cardiovascular Specialist Assistants (RCSA), 5667 NW 29th St., Margate, FL 33063 Telephone: 964-969-1315,   www.rcsaedu.com

Following the Successful Launch in the United States, the New Simbionix U/S Mentor to be Introduced for the First Time in Europe

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, a world leader of medical simulation training and products, will be exhibiting its new U/S Mentor Simulator for the first time in Europe at the upcoming SESAM.

Ultrasound is widely used in medicine, as it is possible to perform both diagnosis and therapeutic procedures using ultrasound to guide interventional procedures. It is increasingly being used in trauma and first aid cases, with emergency ultrasound becoming a staple of most EMT response teams. Physicians and other healthcare professionals who provide direct patient care are using ultrasound in their office and hospital practices for efficient, low-cost, dynamic diagnostic imaging that facilitates treatment planning while avoiding any ionizing radiation exposure.

In correspondence with the rapidly growing utilization of ultrasound technology by various medical specialties, the Simbionix U/S Mentor provides a unique training opportunity, allowing healthcare professionals and clinical practitioners to independently acquire sonography skills in their field of practice. The innovative platform is comprised of a palpable mannequin and true-to-life simulated anatomies, physiology and pathologies, offering a selection of tasks and virtual patient cases for comprehensive training, incorporating didactics, real time guidance and captured metrics for objective assessment. Training modules incorporate ECG, image enhancement tools, measurements tools, color Doppler, cine-loops recording and clinical findings reporting, all supporting training to the full extent of the actual procedure.

“Developing the U/S Mentor follows the Simbionix mission to provide healthcare professionals with the most advanced training solutions”, said Gary Zamler, Simbionix CEO. “This new simulator is the first in our line that is not intended only for MIS procedures, and addresses the current market needs and requests from our customers.  The new U/S Mentor has been extremely well received in the United States, as clients were especially impressed with the realistic imaging and training options that it offers.”

Stop by Simbionix booth #15 B+C at SESAM, June 13-15, in Paris, France, to experience the ground breaking U/S Mentor as well as our complete line of MIS simulators.

American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) and Simbionix Collaborate to Promote Clinician Education and Patient Safety

Cleveland, OH:  Simbionix, a world leader in medical simulation, and the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), the leader in advanced simulation education, will collaborate to promote bronchoscopy education.  This partnership reinforces the goals of both organizations to improve patient safety and outcomes through advanced medical education.

This deeper commitment follows several years of Simbionix BRONCH Mentor™ use during ACCP’s professional and diversified educational delivery in its courses and workshops.  In these activities, the simulator is integrated with the full immersion of the instruction used to teach and train basic-to-advanced bronchoscopic procedures.

The goal of this partnership is to develop curricula for bronchoscopy instruction and hands-on training.  Additionally, the collective efforts are aligned to continue to enhance and grow through the use of the BRONCH Mentor simulators that will be located in the new ACCP Innovation and Simulation Center (to open in 2014).  This will allow all participants to obtain the valuable hands-on training that the BRONCH Mentor offers in this state-of-the-art facility.

“We couldn’t be more pleased about this collaboration with ACCP.  Simbionix has always worked with physicians and professional societies to provide the most advanced and current training tools available,” said Inbal Mazor, Vice President of Marketing for Simbionix.  “We are excited to join ACCP in an agreement that aligns two advocates for bronchoscopy education and reinforces the BRONCH Mentor’s training value to reach and demonstrate competence prior to operating on real patients.”

“We are making great strides to expand our commitment to bronchoscopy education, and simulation education, in general, and this partnership with Simbionix brings us closer to our goal,” said Darcy Marciniuk, MD, FCCP,ACCP President.

More about the ACCP Innovation and Simulation Center: http://beyondourwalls.chestnet.org

Premium Online Content Added to the ARTHRO Mentor™ Training Curriculum

Cleveland, OH: After performing various hardware and software upgrades to the ARTHRO Mentor, Simbionix is now pleased to announce the addition of a comprehensive training curriculum designed for orthopedic and sports medicine programs.

ARTHRO Mentor is an advanced arthroscopic training simulator, which provides an unlimited resource of cases and tasks for hands-on arthroscopy training in a safe and controlled environment. This Industry leading advanced simulator was recently upgraded to include MentorLearn™, Simbionix’ web-based simulator curricula management system.  ARTHRO Mentor with MentorLearn provides access from a remote location 24 hours-a-day 7 days-a-week.

Arthroscopic surgical techniques require a high level of skills which may take years of training using traditional methods.  The new comprehensive ARTHRO Mentor training curriculum now being introduced teaches the basics for various arthroscopic procedures and contains a set of online courses for the following procedures: Diagnostic knee arthroscopy, Microfractures, ACL reconstruction, Bankart repair and Rotator cuff repair.  The courses all include step-by-step explanations accompanied by videos of live procedures performed by leading physicians. After viewing didactic material, physicians may practice performing the procedures on the simulator. The product’s virtual reality capabilities combined with tactile feedback are designed to improve the ability to teach and train surgeons, while achieving clinical proficiency in the safest, most efficient manner possible.

“The premium content we added enhances the didactic value of the simulator”, said Inbal Mazor, Simbionix VP of Global Marketing. “We are working on additional content and courses for the benefit of our clients, and enriching the training offering of this advanced simulator. On top of that, we are continuing our investment in the ARTHRO Mentor and are developing several new shoulder modules expected to be released later on this year.”

Stop by Simbionix booth #711 at the upcoming ISAKOS exhibit in Toronto, Canada, May 12-14, for a hands-on experience of the ARTHRO Mentor and the new training curriculum.

Closest to Operating on a Live Patient- Simulated Training for Vascular Surgeons and Cardiologists

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training, is proud to announce the release of various training modules for the ANGIO Mentor™ endovascular simulator.

The Simbionix ANGIO Mentor is an innovative virtual reality training simulator, providing hands-on practice in a simulated environment for endovascular procedures. This multidisciplinary system provides a training solution for a variety of procedures. An ever-expanding library of modules supports the acquisition and honing of essential skills to build confidence and proficiency in endovascular techniques and procedures.

Teaching endovascular basic skills requires a teaching physician’s time and attention, and may be unsafe if performed on a live patient. The first set of the new ANGIO Mentor modules is intended for novice physicians to acquire necessary fundamental skills both for basic level wire-catheter, and core electrophysiology skills. These modules are set in a game-like environment and will allow training in a user friendly, enjoyable and safe setting. For the first time physicians will have the opportunity to learn and practice in both non-anatomic and on an anatomical vascular model, in an interactive challenging setting.

The next set of modules is for practicing procedures for the treatment of structural heart diseases. These are demanding and complicated procedures, involving innovative technologies, which need to be learned in depth. One of the unique features of these modules is that they provide much needed practice in the introduction and interpretation of live ECHO (both ICE-Intra-Cardiac Echo, and TEE-Transesophageal Echo). The procedures covered are ASD (Atrial Septal Defect)/PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) Closure,LAA (Left Atrial Appendage) Closure, TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) andTransseptal Puncture.

Simbionix is also introducing self-guided cases for LAA Closure and Transseptal Puncture, in which the Cardiologist / Electrophysiologist may learn how to perform the procedure using the module’s step-by-step real time instructions, visual aids and live procedure videos.

“We are maintaining our commitment and investment in the continuous education for endovascular surgeons in all phases of their career, from learning basic and fundamental skills through complicated and high risk procedures”, said Inbal Mazor, Simbionix VP of Global Marketing. “Working hand-in-hand with the medical community and the medical device industry has helped us better understand the need to provide a cutting edge training experience within our simulation platform. These unique new modules join the ever-growing library of training modules being developed for the ANGIO Mentor, aimed to support the fast developments in the field of vascular interventions.”

Experience the latest additions to the ANGIO Mentor at one of the following events during May- SCAI, May 8-11 in Orlando, Florida; HRS, May 8-11 in Denver, Colorado; ESVB, May 10-11, France; and EuroPCR, May 21-24, France.