The Combined URO/PERC Mentor Platform Offers a Comprehensive Training Environment for Endourology and percutaneous renal access

The URO Mentor’s unique hardware and software were developed for the simulation of cystoscopy and ureteroscopy procedures using actual case scenarios. The system features authentic rigid and flexible cystoscopes and ureteroscopes, including working channels for tool insertion.
To complete the training experience actual tool handles operate as they do in real procedures, providing the necessary practice with endourology tools prior to working on patients.

The PERC Mentor designed to provide hand on training in percutaneous renal access under fluoroscopic guidance.
Taking cost and convenience into consideration, the PERC Mentor add-on operates on the same platform as the URO Mentor with an additional mannequin to provide the puncture site.

The PERC Mentor platform, designed for realistic training, includes a mannequin that represents the virtual patient’s torso approached from the back.