Stroke Simulation At Dundee Saves Live Across The World

The World Federation for Interventional Stroke Treatment (WIST) has accredited the University of Dundee as its official global training centre. This means doctors and teams from relevant specialities looking to train in Endovascular Stroke Treatment (EST) for WIST accreditation will be able to do so.

The announcement coincides with the publication of WIST competency-based training guidelines. Professor Iris Grunwald, Chair of Neuroradiology at Dundee’s School of Medicine, is the lead author of the guidelines.

Professor Grunwald utilised Dundee’s high fidelity simulators and unique perfused cadaveric model to develop the training guidelines. Her innovative work in this area has helped establish the School of Medicine as a global centre of excellence for stroke training and treatment.

WIST training guidelines

Dundee stroke expertise to save lives across the world

Nurses Are Less Stressed During Surgeries When They Have Practiced Them Via Simulation.

Nursing Magazine, Denmark

This is demonstrated in a study at the department of vascular surgery at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

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First Introduction of Canine Laparoscopy Curriculum

Prof. Boel Fransson from Washington State University worked with us to develop the first canine laparoscopic curriculum for the LAP Mentor Express simulator. This virtual reality simulation-based curriculum for canine laparoscopic cholecystectomy, presented at ACVS veterinary meeting, will become available in the near future.

“We haven’t had this sort of technology — it’s a game changer,” Fransson said. “The beauty with these systems is they give you an opportunity to make mistakes, and you will make mistakes when you first learn, but we don’t want those mistakes to happen in a live animal.”

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New Demands in the Kingdom: Vascular Surgeons Must Pass This Exam To Operate

In Denmark, physicians undergoing training in vascular surgery must pass a simulation exam before they are allowed to operate on patients. That’s the only right thing to do, says the chief physician at Rigshospitalet hospital.

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Coronavirus: Israeli tech helps doctors train in crucial lung ultrasound

Within two weeks, the company developed a unit providing medical staff with the training to achieve the necessary proficiency within a few hours.

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Collaboration between Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheva and Surgical Science enables improved COVID-19 Triage Using Simbionix Lung Ultrasound

Surgical Science developed a unique training module that enables clinicians the ability to acquire accurate and rapid lung diagnostic skills using an ultrasound machine.  Mobile training sessions are being conducted across Israel to help support the medical community.

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The First National Laparoscopic Skill Competition – Finals

The First National Laparoscopic Skill Final Competition was held on January 12, 2020 in West China Hospital, Sichuan University.  Forty-two contestants from the qualifying matches of seven regions all around China participated in the competition, and representatives from more than 100 hospitals in nearly 20 provinces and cities attended the event.

Simbionix LAP Mentor simulators with a customized module from Surgical Science were used as the competition’s equipment and Beijing Beidestar provided the technical and live broadcast support for the event. Contestants’ scores were displayed in the real-time using an automatic cloud data processing center.

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The First National Laparoscopy Skills Competition

Qualifying match was held on December 22, 2019 in seven locations across China with nearly 300 physicians from 90 base hospitals. The competition was broadcast live from Chengdu and Shenzhen, while in Beijing the broadcast used the newly installed 5G network.

Hosted by Laparoscopic Surgeons Committee of CMDA Chinese Endoscopic Doctors Association and CMDA Chinese Society of Laparoscopic Surgery, the event was co-sponsored by National Education Examination Center and CMDA Chinese Endoscopic Doctors Association, and organized by the Sichuan Cancer Society and West China Hospital, Sichuan University.

Winners will participate in the Final Competition on January 12, 2020 at the West China Hospital.

Simbionix LAP Mentor systems from Surgical Science were used as the competition’s equipment, and Beijing Beidestar provided the technical and live broadcast support for the event. Surgical Science also designed the specific module for the competition.

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ANGIO Mentor Stroke Training on Bulgarian news

ANGIO Mentor was used in ISEVS Endovascular Academy in Sofia for demonstration and hands-on training of acute stroke intervention.

The simulator is used to train for acute stroke intervention and save lives.

“Time is of essence when it comes to acute stroke treatment. When we started to train we completed the treatment in an hour and 45 minutes. After training with the simulator, we do it in 22 minutes”. Said Prof. Iris Grunwald, Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiologist at Southend University Hospital, UK.

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First Cardiovascular Simulation Center in Poland

The center was opened at the Medical University of Gdansk and equipped with 5 U/S Mentor and ANGIO Mentor simulators.

“No polish university has been able to take a look at simulators” said Prof Michał Fijałkowski, coordinator of the project.

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A Surgical Science Simulator For Ultrasound Training Will Be Used In A Medical Course In Ukraine In Collaboration With Nato And Harvard

An ultrasound training simulator system will be used by participants in a medical training course in Ukraine with the support of the NATO Peace Program, in collaboration with a humanitarian initiative by the American Harvard University and the Ukrainian government.

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8 medical students from the Technion, Haifa and Tel-Aviv University, Israel went through training toward their travel to Uganda, to provide humanitarian aid in a local hospital. Their training focused on ultrasound, using  Simbionix Ultrasound Mentor simulator. The students assist with patient diagnostics using mobile ultrasound devices.

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Validation of Robotic-Assisted Surgery

After five years, the application and validation of robotic-assisted surgery through inguinal hernia repair and across the spectrum of general surgery.

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Virtual Blood Vessels, 3D Printed Organs: No Animals Were Harmed in Training These Surgeons

There are currently some 3,000 medical simulators in use in Israel and around the world helping physicians and other health professionals to practice carrying out a range of procedures

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ICE Trainer

Surgical Science released its new ANGIO Mentor ICE Trainer module that trains standard ICE view acquisition in a variety of pathologies, using a real modified ICE catheter handle in a didactic environment

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The LAP Mentor was on TV in Norway

The LAP Mentor was on TV in Norway.  Sørlandet Hospital in Arendal is the first in Norway to use the LAP Mentor VR, setting a goal to train more precise surgeons and advance patient’s safety.

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Creighton med students research correlation between video game play and surgery as they practice on the Simbionix LAP Mentor laparoscopic training simulator.

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A new study gathered validity evidence for a simulation-based test for procedural robotic surgical competency in the vaginal cuff closure procedure.


Medical Simulation in Bydgoszcz- the LAP Mentor on TV in Poland

In the Center of Medical Simulation in Bydgoszcz, students of the Collegium Medicum of the Nicolaus Copernicus University can study their profession. Their exercises were looked at closely by the journalist Dzień Dobry TVN Mateusz Hładki. See how medical students perform laparoscopic appendectomy and what the ambulance rescue operation looks like.


Surgical Science Announces On Demand Anatomical Modeling Service

3D printed anatomical models can provide medical professionals enhanced visualization and can also be used for patient education.


LAP Mentor VR Featured in Newspaper

A newspaper in the Netherlands featured the LAP Mentor VR in this article titled, “Operate in a classroom on digital patient”


ARTHRO Mentor in local Czech TV

ARTHRO Mentor used for training during J&J arthroscopy course in Czech Republic.
See arthroscopy course at 7:54-12:25.


Hospitals incorporate tech into training

“They also can upload actual patient images into the system “so you can practice doing the real patient on the mannequin,” Spier said. “The cardiac fellows have used it quite a bit because they want to do the procedure and practice it before they get upstairs on a real patient.”


French TV News Broadcast

Simulators were featured on French TV newscast filmed in Nancy, France.


3D printed model helps doctors during toddler’s heart surgery


ANGIO Mentor is starring in Fox local news item about Parkview simulation lab.


Metal 3D printing for the operating room

How Surgical Science and Emerging Implant Technologies are transforming surgical implants.


Clínicas inaugura simulador

Clínicas inaugura simulador de endoscopías único en la región | Noticias Uruguay y el Mundo actualizadas – Diario EL PAIS Uruguay


Surgical Residents Gain Competency in Colonoscopy with Structured Curriculum

“The curriculum consisted of a dedicated postgraduate year 2 rotation featuring both simulation and clinical components. In the simulation component, residents were told to complete several specific modules using GI Mentor training software. They also completed a benchmarked practical examination before supervised clinical experience, Dr. Ortolani said…”


3D Printing in Healthcare

“The 3D model actually showed us something in three dimensions that we didn’t fully appreciate using the 2D model,” Katzen told the Miami Herald. “The 3D models that we had actually caused us to change the device that we were going to use.”

The procedure, known as EVAR, which stands for endovascular aneurysm repair, involved placing a catheter in the femoral artery to correct an aneurysm. Sometimes doctors use a straight device, other times they use one that flowers at the end. When they saw the 3D model of their patient, the doctors realized they had initially planned on using the wrong device. “I think I would have known because I’m a fairly senior individual who is used to seeing a lot of subtle findings and picking them up,” Katzen says. “But I think with the model we used, it made it more obvious to anyone with any level of experience that there was a potential problem here.”


3D Medical Modeling At Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

Cardiovascular surgeons perform complex interventional procedures on a daily basis. No two cases are alike, and some situations may pose a challenge to even the most experienced physicians. What if cardiovascular surgical teams could practice, or rehearse, a procedure before heading into the operating room?


Lombard Medical Announces Successful Completion of Live EVAR Case With Aorfix™ Endovascular Stent Graft at 11th Annual Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC) 2015

In preparation for a patient’s tortuous neck angulation, Dr. Schmidt and his team used Simbionix Procedural Rehearsal Software (PRS), to help improve outcomes. The PRS allowed Dr. Schmidt and his team to simulate the patient’s anatomy and deploy a simulated Aorfix graft prior to performing the actual procedure. During the live case, Dr. Schmidt deployed the Aorfix graft with relative ease and without any technical issues, and the post-procedural outcomes, which included no report of endoleaks, were deemed positive. The patient is also reported to be recovering well.


Nancy accueille le premier hôpital virtuel

Inauguré ce week-end dans la cité ducale, l’hôpital virtuel, une première européenne, permet aux médecins de se préparer en situation quasi-réelle, avant de prendre en charge “pour de vrai” leurs patients.


Landmark Simulation Study

NCSBN releases landmark simulation study with results that have major implications for nursing education

“The study revealed that final-year clinical nursing courses with up to 50% of the clinical placement time replaced by a simulation-based curriculum were just as effective as traditional clinical placement courses at preparing students for work as a professional nurse.”


LAP Mentor with Appendectomy on Russian TV

Симулятор лапароскопических вмешательств Lap Mentor  –  гвоздь программы «Жить здорово» на Первом канале! Смотрите выпуск, посвященный аппендэктомии: ссылка

LAP Mentor laparoscopy simulator  is the highlight of the program Zhit zdorovo on Russia’s first channel.  See the show dedicated to appendectomy.  Watch video

Multi-center study compares clinical performance of AAA procedures in virtual environment

“University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center and Simbionix recently launched a multi-center, randomized study comparing the clinical performance of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) procedures with and without prior rehearsal in a virtual environment for physicians…”



Simbionix and Regional Growth

Growth reflects that the bioscience industry has emerged as a key component of the Northeast Ohio economy.


Practice makes perfect for Brooklyn surgeons using high-tech simulators to save lives

Maimonides Medical Center docs repair bulging aneurysm after performing procedure in simulation surgeries.  Maimonides Medical Center Chief of Vascular Surgery Dr. Robert Rhee explains how 75-year-old Aleksandra Gelfand’s aneurysm was repaired in a cutting-edge simulation lab.


Simulator boost for global neurosurgeons

Patients suffering the life-threatening effects of a blocked artery in the brain now have the benefit of pioneering interventional treatments thanks to collaboration between Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Anglia Ruskin University.


BRONCH Express arrives for EBUS-TBNA simulation training

The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) is excited to lead the way in delivering medical simulation education by introducing BRONCH Express. This new device promotes bronchoscopy education by providing portable and cost-effective simulation for EBUS-TBNA training. BRONCH Express was developed as a collaborative venture between CHEST and Simbionix, a world leader in medical simulation.


Military Medical & Veterans Affairs Forum’s Industry Interview with Simbionix

I am very proud to say that many VA medical centers, hospitals on bases, military simulation training centers and other military medical institutions in the U.S. have embraced Simbionix simulators. We all want highly trained medical personnel and the most advanced patient safety available for our troops and their families. This shared mission, coupled with our quality simulators, training content and highly trained service team, makes us a perfect fit…


Cleveland’s biomedical industry growing by billions

While medical science companies such as Steris and Philips Healthcare are well known in the region, economic development officials are also excited about several lesser-known companies gaining international reputations; companies like Simbionix...


Au CHU, un centre pour simuler les interventions

S’entraîner pour être le plus performant: voilà le credo des thérapeutes des temps modernes. Et pour s’y conformer, leshôpitaux sont de plus en plus nombreux à héberger leur centre de simulation.


Blutfreies Operieren/Blood-free Surgery

Das Uniklinikum hat einen neuen Simulator. Junge Ärzte können daran üben, bevor es an die echten Patienten geht…


Zhit zdorovo

This Russian program was dedicated to gallbladder disease and cholecystectomy and used the LAP Mentor.

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Simbionix distributor, DeLeC in Argentina, is featured with the LAP Mentor

“The Simbionix surgical simulators, which are already used in many countries of Latin America, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia – seek to contribute to the training of medical professionals and improve the care of patients…”

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Military Medical Simulation

“The nice thing about our products is they are designed to support health care professionals and improve their clinical skills. In fact, we have sold over 2,000 simulators in more than 60 countries across multiple regions around the globe, and that shows we are on the right track,” said CEO Gary Zamler. “We see a lot of potential for worldwide demand to continue and we are fully engaged with an aggressive global sales team, a network of distributors and two global call centers operating 24/7/365…”


LAP Mentor on German TV:  Lanzi als Chirurg

Normalerweise bekommst du nichts mit, wenn sie am arbeiten sind: Die Chirurgen. Im Operationssaal stehen die Patienten nämlich unter Narkose. Bei «Lanzi» darfst du aber ganz ohne Krankheit oder Verletzung den Männern und Frauen im Krankenhaus bei der Arbeit zuschauen.

UNMC pursues endoscopy training

University of Nebraska Medical Center purchased a GI Mentor for endoscopy training and to be an FES testing site.


First Endoscopy Simulator in Malaysia

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) Endoscopy Unit has become the first in Malaysia to be equipped with a state-of-the-art simulator called the GI Mentor.


Conducting a five-day medical education program on the basic skills of Lap Cholecystectomy

Dr. Jacek Jerzy Jakimowicz of the Technical University Delft, Netherlands, is conducting a five-day medical education program on the basic skills of Lap Cholecystectomy at Rajahmundry-based GSL Medical College in India.


Holy Name Medical Center Uses the Simbionix PROcedure Rehearsal Studio

“Last month, physicians at Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck spent a training to use the Simbionix PROcedure Rehearsal Studio (PRS), a virtual reality simulation system, to rehearse a complete endovascular aneurysm repair procedure on a virtual model created by using a patient’s exact anatomical figures…”


Operate without patients/ Opérer sans patients

Simulators are revolutionizing the teaching of surgery. Les simulateurs d’intervention révolutionnent l’enseignement de la chirurgie.


Simulators replace patients and every body benefits

This radio program discusses how “today’s surgeons are learning their craft on hi-tech simulators instead of practicing on real patients”

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Playing Nintendo’s Wii found to enhance surgeons’ skills

LAP Mentor is used in study that shows that playing Nintendo’s Wii is found to enhance surgeon’s skills.


How Simulation Aids Medical Training

This CBS Sunday Morning news program includes two Simbionix simulators in their feature titled, “How dummies, drills aid medical training”. This broadcast also includes Simbionix customers; CAMLS in Tampa and the University of Oklahoma. You can see two of the Simbionix products including the GI Mentor (1:44 – 1:52) and LAP Mentor (3:25 – 3:35).

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The Army uses Surgical Simulation for Advanced Training

Orthopaedic residents learn on Simbionix ARTHRO Mentor shoulder simulator to improve surgical skills proficiency.


Roemmers Simulation Center/Simulador Roemmers

The new Roemmers Simulation Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina will have a LAP Mentor, ANGIO Mentor and GI-BRONCH Mentor. Video
El Centro de Simulación Médica Roemmers en Buenos Aires, Argentina tendrá la LAP Mentor, ANGIO Mentor y GI-BRONCH Mentor.

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An Inside Look at Cardiovascular Technology

This profile of the Valencia Community College Simulation Center’s Cardiovascular Technology program features the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor Dual Slim in a real-world Cath Lab experience.

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TCT Live EVAR Case Video

Live Case at TCT Mirrors PRS Patient Specific Simulation Rehearsal.

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New Medical Technology/ Новая технология Медицинский

Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev experienced Simbionix simulators at the Skolkovo center.

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University of Tennessee Simulation Center

UT Center for Advanced Simulation featured the ANGIO Mentor and the GI-BRONCH Mentor.

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Surgical Simulation Training in the Military

“Medical simulation training:  how recent advancements have saved thousands of lives” features Simbionix in the December issue of Military Medical & Veterans Affairs Forum magazine.


Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice Feature Simbionix Simulators

Simbionix PROcedure Rehearsal Studio Featured on Grey’s Anatomyand Private Practice.

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“Simbionix simulators help physicians practice intricate procedures” states the Plain Dealer newspaper as it discussed how the Cleveland Clinic uses the latest simulation technology to train their residents.


Surgical Training

“4 things driving simulator innovation for surgical training” in this article by MedCity News that features the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio.


“At The Cleveland Clinic, programmable patients don’t feel a thing while helping healthcare pros to hone their skills….”


Dr. David Feller-Kopman, Johns Hopkins, shows the BRONCH Mentor being used for EBUS-TBNA training in an ACCP workshop.

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“Virtual reality training for residents keeps patients safe in real life.  State of the art simulation systems at Orlando Health enhances quality, safety in patient care.”


“World’s first case-specific EVAR rehearsal leads to successful intervention”


Lehigh Valley Hospital shows off unique surgical training center.

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The LAP Mentor’s Essential Gynecology module is shown in this video from the Royal Free simulation center.  Third year medical student, Neda Taghinejadi, shows the salpingectomy procedure to remove an ectopic pregnancy.

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