Unlimited simulated ultrasound cases are possible with the MyCase editor.  Simply import real patient scans (volumes) from your ultrasound equipment into the U/S Mentor.

The scans are converted into simulation cases, creating a library of unlimited scenarios that can be practiced in a valuable hands-on learning experience.

MyCase provides the ability to quickly create new clinical training scenarios, either healthy or pathological, in just a short and simple workflow.

Features and Benefits:

  • Expand the number of hands-on training cases on the Ultrasound Mentor.
  • Intuitive and quick workflow allows users to create new cases in no time.
  • Create and edit your own clinical findings for in-depth diagnostics reporting.
  • Customize your own measurements menu, including the expected results. Trainees will receive evaluation at the end of the training.
  • Volume types enabled: OB-GYN, Echocardiography (Volumes from GE Voluson and GE Vivid ultrasound machines are supported)

Full integration with MentorLearn:

  • Export your new case to MentorLearn and add them to existing modules.
  • Full performance report at the end of the case for objective trainee evaluation.
  • The new cases can be integrated into the courses and training programs you build.
  • Localization – MyCase allows you to write patient files and case descriptions in your own language
    **All languages are supported but right-to-left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic