Simbionix Introduces the First VR Training Module for the Practice of Vaginal Cuff Closure Suturing Using Barbed Sutures with State of the Art Haptic

Hysterectomies are one of the most common surgical procedures in the United States, with over 600,000 performed each year. Studies show that performing the procedure using a laparoscopic approach is associated with reduced short-term morbidity (less blood loss, wound infections, and postoperative pain), shorter hospital stay, and faster resumption of normal activities when compared with abdominal hysterectomy.


Laparoscopic hysterectomy is a relatively complicated procedure to perform, and requires specialized training and considerable skill and experience on the part of the surgeon. Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry, developed and introduced the first Hysterectomy VR training module over two years ago.

Simbionix is now proud to release the first VR training module for Cuff Closure Suturing using unidirectional and bidirectional barbed sutures. The hands-on training cases comprise unique educational aids including an anatomical 3D map, real-life videos, and intuitive self-explanatory guidance steps, all intended to help trainees become more confident in this challenging task. Training includes a variety of potential complications such as suspected injury to the bladder, ureters, colon and iliac vessels. This innovative module also features state of the art haptic feedback providing a life like scenario.

“Understanding the importance of promoting women’s health, Simbionix continuously enhances its portfolio of products and solutions to train medical professionals in this field. We keep improving our visualization and simulation technologies in order to support complicated scenes within advanced procedures,” said Simbionix President, Ran Bronstein. “The graphics in this new module are extremely realistic and the enhanced haptic technology enables accurate interaction between the tool and the suture to help physicians acquire the necessary skills to perform the challenging cuff closure suturing before performing the procedure on a patient.”

The new module is part of the extensive LAP Mentor™ library of modules, and will be shown together with the GI-Express Mentor™ at Simbionix booth #14 at the EAES exhibition in Paris, June 26-28.

Transesophageal Echocardiography Training Simulator from Simbionix Helps Learners Master Clinical Skills

Cleveland, OH: The transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) procedure is an advanced echocardiography assessment with a specialized probe that allows main sections of the heart and great vessels to be clearly demonstrated from the esophagus. This procedure is safe when properly conducted, but in rare circumstances it can cause serious and even fatal complications.

That is why Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical simulators, is pleased to present its new TEE module for the U/S Mentor™.  This simulated procedure provides training in the evaluation of native valve diseases, prosthetic valve dysfunction, congenital or acquired heart diseases such as atrial fibrillations, coronary thromboses, coronary stenoses and more.

Guided step-by-step procedural tasks for standard views acquisition include anatomy recognition and cover the entire protocol including the mid esophageal, upper esophageal, transgastric and deep transgastric regions.

This TEE module helps learners avoid inaccurate acquisition and interpretation of images that can lead to improper clinical decisions, all the while providing experience to operators who are essential to the success of the procedure.

The module’s clinical cases present realistic scenarios with increasing diagnostic complexity. Severity customization of the abnormal findings offers users of varied experience levels the opportunity to practice without patient participation.

“Simbionix strives to increase patient safety by providing trainees with solutions to refine their skills and diagnostic sensibilities even before they set foot in the operating room”, said Mr. Gary Zamler, the company’s CEO. “Using this realistic module will also benefit trainees by allowing them to practice a diversity of pathological conditions and diagnostic complexity”.

Stop by Simbionix booth #912 at ASE in Portland, Oregon, June 21-23, for a hands-on experience of the U/S Mentor advanced training simulator for ultrasound related examinations.

Simbionix Expands its Product Offering with New Platforms and Applications for Endovascular Training

Cleveland, OH: As more endovascular medical programs adapt simulation as an essential part of their training curriculum, there is a constant and consistent need for updated simulation solutions. Simbionix is proud to offer two new platforms and two training modules, to enhance hands-on training for more clinicians to enhance patient safety and improve clinical outcomes.

Simbionix training solutions for endovascular training, The ANGIO Mentor™ family of products, provide simulation platforms on which endovascular skills and complete procedures can be practiced.

The ANGIO Mentor Flex is an ultra-portable training solution that provides realistic simulation and tactile feeling of an actual procedure. Packed in a case, it can be checked-in as luggage on flights within airline weight restrictions. Its compact design and quick setup makes this platform ideal for remote meetings.

The new portable platform joins the recently released ANGIO Mentor Suite stationary platform, which includes a realistic human patient mannequin with 5 access points, ergonomic settings and large monitor to allow real life settings for interventional team training.

The ANGIO Mentor Flex and the ANGIO Mentor Suite are fully backward compatible.  The entire library can be operated on either system including 19 different procedure modules, each offering a variety of training scenarios.

On top on these new platforms, Simbionix is introducing two new advanced applications, the Transradial Coronary Intervention Module and Transseptal Puncture Module with echocardiography.

Due to the increasing popularity and safety of the transradial approach and the large number of practicing physicians not yet trained in transradial catheterization, there is much interest in the use of simulation for this method. These procedures require a skill set distinct from trans-femoral procedures, with a steep learning curve associated with the technique.

The Transradial Coronary Intervention Module presents a variety of challenging anatomies and scenarios for coronary angiography and intervention using the transradial approach, such as tortuous subclavian, brachial loop, CABG and more. The module trains clinicians in appropriate equipment selection and techniques as well as negotiating complications, such as spasm and perforation.

Transseptal puncture is required for advanced cardiac procedures and is considered a highly demanded skill. Using echocardiography guidance for transseptal puncture allows better visualization of heart structures and reduces complication rates.

The Transseptal Puncture Module allows learners to practice left atrial access by puncturing the intra-atrial septum. During the simulation, life threatening complications such as cardiac tamponade or aortic puncture may occur.

Simbionix Transseptal Puncture module is the only available module that includes real time ICE (intracardiac echocardiography) simulation. Cardiologists learn how to maneuver an ICE catheter and interpret the echocardiographic image. The module also includes TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) simulation.

“Simbionix incorporates the complete procedure environment into its products, to ensure a true-to-life experience both in terms of performing specific procedures and the settings in which they are performed,” said Mr. Ran Bronstein, Simbionix President and COO. “All software modules can be used in any of the hardware configurations, allowing our clients maximum flexibility in terms of cost and capabilities.”

Experience our newest additions at the EuroPCR in Paris, May 20-23. Simbionix will also be part of the simulation program to be held at the SCAI 2014 Scientific Sessions in Las Vegas, May 28-31.

Labral Training Module Helps Improve Arthroscopic Surgical Skills

Cleveland, OH: The first complete virtual reality training module for Shoulder Labral procedures is now available from Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical simulation, training and education products.


As arthroscopic procedures are becoming more common for the treatment of joint conditions, there is a growing need for training solutions for surgeons of all levels.

The Simbionix ARTHRO Mentor™ is the most validated arthroscopic surgery virtual reality training simulator in the market. Training modules for shoulder and knee arthroscopic procedures have over 70 cases to practice basic skills, diagnostic skills and full procedure cases.

The new training module now offered is for shoulder labral procedures. Technological advances over the last decade, have led to most shoulder labral tears being able to be repaired arthroscopically, which means that a video camera and small specialized tools are inserted through a series of small incisions to complete the repair. The portion of the labrum that is torn away is reattached to the glenoid, which helps to restore the normal stability of the shoulder joint.

“Creating a training tool for a procedure as advanced and complex as the shoulder labral procedure requires a new level of visualization and high-end simulation”, commented Mr. Gary Zamler, Simbionix CEO. “The realistic module was developed utilizing the unique Simbionix physics based technology“.

Physicians using the ARTHRO Mentor Labral module will have the opportunity to practice the full procedure in various virtual reality cases such as SLAP, Bankart and less common pathologies such as reverse Bankart.

ARTHRO Mentor modules are available for various experience levels. While the Labral module is intended for more experienced surgeons, the recently released FAST module is geared towards those wishing to develop basic arthroscopic surgical skills. It is a unique virtual reality training module that complements the FAST (Fundamentals of Arthroscopic Surgery Training) program, which was initiated by the three leading American orthopedic societies. Using this training module will help students learn arthroscopic skills sequentially before they are taught the full surgical procedure.

Stop by Simbionix booth #611 at AANA in Hollywood, Florida, May 1-5, for a hands-on experience of the newest additions to this advanced arthroscopic training simulator.

The American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST) and Simbionix Co-Develop a Portable Training Solution for EBUS-TBNA

Cleveland, OH, Simbionix, a world leader in medical simulation, and the American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST), a leader in advanced simulation education, enter the second phase of their collaboration to promote bronchoscopy education.  The BRONCH Express, a virtual reality simulator for EBUS-TBNA training that is being co-developed by the organizations, will be featured at CHEST World Congress 2014.


Endobronchial Ultrasound – Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) is an advanced diagnostic method with a steep learning curve that is rapidly gaining popularity. A growing body of evidence has demonstrated the efficacy of EBUS–TBNA in the diagnosis and staging of lung cancer, as well as the diagnosis of benign causes of mediastinal and hilar lymphadenopathy. The increasing demand for EBUS among pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons presents the challenge of establishing training to gain proficiency in performing the procedure safely and efficiently.

The innovative BRONCH Express was developed to provide a meaningful yet affordable hands-on training solution for the growing demand for EBUS-TBNA training and qualification. Mounted inside a carry-on case, this desktop simulator is easy to setup and repack. Virtual patient cases offer a realistic anatomical environment based on actual patient data, seamlessly immersed in a controlled, educationally enhanced training environment.

“We appreciate and value our collaboration with CHEST, as both organizations strive to improve patient safety and outcomes through advanced medical education,” said Mr. Gary Zamler, Simbionix CEO. “The BRONCH Express is intended to provide the medical community with an affordable training tool and to promote competence based training.”

“The American College of Chest Physicians values innovative partnerships like this collaboration to develop the BRONCH Express. Our commitment to helping chest medicine professionals to develop new skills and knowledge to improve patient care around the globe make partnerships such as this a logical step for our organization,” said Michael Baumann, MD, MS, FCCP, and President of the American College of Chest Physicians. “The partnership allows expansion of important clinical training in an affordable and accessible manner.”

The first reveal of the BRONCH Express prototype will take place at the CHEST World Congress, to be held in Madrid, Spain, March 21-24, 2014.

American College of Chest Physicians, publisher of the CHEST Journal, is the global leader in advancing best patient outcomes through innovative chest medicine education, clinical research, and team-based care. Its mission is to champion the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chest diseases through education, communication, and research. It serves as an essential connection to clinical knowledge and resources for its 18,700 members from around the world who provide patient care in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. For information about the American College of Chest Physicians, visit

Simbionix Provides Comprehensive Virtual Reality Training For The FAST Arthroscopy Curriculum

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical simulation, training and education products, is pleased to release a virtual reality training module for FAST (Fundamentals of Arthroscopic Surgery Training) in response to the needs of surgeons.


Less invasive and easier on patients than orthopaedic open surgery techniques, arthroscopic procedures have become more common for surgeons to visualize, diagnose and treat problems inside a joint. These procedures are challenging to surgeons, as they require ambidextrous triangulation in three dimensions, guided by a two-dimensional video display. In order to create a structured curriculum for sequential development of basic knowledge and arthroscopic motor skills, the AANA, AAOS and ABOS collaborated to create the FAST program.

The Simbionix ARTHRO Mentor™ is the most validated arthroscopic surgery virtual reality training simulator in the market. Training modules for shoulder and knee arthroscopic procedures have over 70 cases to practice basic skills, diagnostic skills and full procedure cases.

The new FAST module offered on the ARTHRO Mentor is a unique virtual reality training module that complements the FAST program. It includes didactic content alongside hands-on training of arthroscopic skills to facilitate mastery of the basics to become a better surgeon. Using this training module will help students learn arthroscopic skills sequentially before they are taught the full surgical procedure.

“Simbionix is committed to the advancement of education and training, and ever since we entered the field of arthroscopy we have invested in the development of training modules for the ARTHRO Mentor.  The FAST module is a critical addition to the ARTHRO Mentor, as it will allow teaching arthroscopic skills progressively via a curriculum-based, hands-on, cost-effective education program, as envisioned by the AANA, AAOS and ABOS leaders” said Inbal Mazor, Simbionix VP of Global Marketing.

Stop by Simbionix booth #3633 at AAOS in New Orleans, March 12-14 for a hands-on experience of this new educational module alongside the new Labral repair module to practice SLAP, Bankart and Posterior Bankart procedures.

Changing the Future of Medical Education: Simbionix Releases Innovations at IMSH

Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical simulation, training and education products, is launching their most innovative products to date at the IMSH exhibition in San Francisco.

The validated LAP Mentor™ has become the laparoscopic simulator of choice by many physicians and renowned training centers worldwide. Simbionix is now releasing a new platform for laparoscopic training- LAP Mentor III. As the number of training modules available on the LAP Mentor has greatly increased, providing trainees with hours of true-to-life practice of laparoscopic tasks and procedures, much thought and planning were invested into creating an ergonomic solution for maximum efficiency. The cutting-edge sleekly designed platform includes a work deck with adjustable height, large monitor placed in an optimal position, a touch screen control panel and superior haptic feedback.

Learning the female anatomy and how to conduct pelvic exams have posed a challenge due to the nature of the exam. Simbionix designed the PELVIC Mentor™ to allow OB/GYNs, family doctors, medical students, nurses and other clinicians, the ability to obtain detailed hands-on knowledge of pelvic anatomy and to acquire the comprehensive skills required to perform pelvic exams. The integrated hybrid system combines a physical mannequin with a computerized 3D virtual system. A net of sensors translate the palpation into a real-time virtual reality visual image. The unique system provides a stress-free learning environment, and increases the comfort level for both clinicians and patients.

Simbionix will also present its new team training solution for endovascular procedures, the ANGIO Mentor™ Suite. Training is performed on a realistic human patient mannequin in a true to life clinical environment. In addition to practicing technical skills, clinicians can benefit from hands-on training in a setting that facilitates team training. As the physical attributes of the system are very close to an actual patient, team training becomes more realistic, allowing practicing communication among the clinicians in the drive to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors.

In correspondence with the rapidly growing utilization of ultrasound technology by various medical specialties, the U/S Mentor™ provides a comprehensive training environment on an innovative platform comprised of a palpable mannequin and a true-to-life ultrasound simulated image.

Ran Bronstein, Simbionix President and Co-founder, noted “Simbionix continues to invest in new products for the benefit of our clients. Our development rate is one of the most intensive in the field of medical training products and also in comparison with hi-tech and bio-tech companies in general. Being able to launch a number of new products at the same time shows our ongoing commitment to our customers’ needs and growing market demands.”

Stop by Simbionix booth #425 at IMSH in San Francisco, January 26- 29 for a hands-on experience of our innovations, alongside our existing comprehensive line of virtual reality medical training simulators.

Collaboration Between Simbionix and 1st MSMU to Integrate a Russian Developed Assessment System to Enhance Laparoscopic Training

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training is pleased to announce having signed a collaboration agreement with I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (1st MSMU), the leading national medical higher educational institution in the Russian Federation.

Over the past few years, MSMU has developed and validated a comprehensive assessment and credentialing system based on the performance of tasks and cases on the Simbionix LAP Mentor™, the gold standard training simulator for laparoscopic procedures. Simbionix and MSMU will work together to provide a Russian-made clinical assessment tool to enhance the LAP Mentor capabilities for the Russian market.

According to the agreement, Simbionix will develop the infrastructures to enable the integration of MSMU’s scoring system into Simbionix MentorLearn™. MentorLearn™ is a web based Simulator Curricula Management System, providing the optimal solution for managing training and education needs for the Simbionix line of simulators. The integration will enable automization of the training and assessment, and will facilitate the incorporation of the LAP Mentor laparoscopic simulator into a comprehensive curriculum.

Dr. Shubina, the Head of Continuous Professional Educational Center at 1st MSMU noted:  “We created a unique course for basic skills in laparoscopic surgery based on mastering manual skills on the LAP Mentor simulator. The distinctive course feature is an objective scoring system, based on the simulator’s statistic data output. Most of the surgeons that worked on the simulators noted an increase in manual skills during the work with laparoscopic instruments. Simbionix simulators also have been repeatedly used in the nationwide medical competitions. Students who participated in the competitions and the competitions’ executives also noted that exercises on the simulators provide an accurate and objective skills’ assessment. Thus, we can recommend Simbionix simulators for usage in medical training centers around the country.”

Simbionix Introduces a New Ultrasound Simulator Enhancing Medical Education At ACEP

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, a world leader of medical simulation training and education products, will introduce the new advanced U/S Mentor™ simulator. This new Simbionix simulator offers realistic hands-on training for diverse ultrasound examinations and interventions, and will be shown for the first time at the upcoming American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Exhibition in Denver, Colorado.

Ultrasound is the second most-widely used diagnostic imaging modality after X-Ray. The last decade has seen a significant shift from “provider performed” ultrasound, done by trained sonographers in the radiology (imaging), obstetrics, and cardiology departments, to “point of care” (POC), “bedside” ultrasound procedures performed by various specialists as part of their patient care. This trend is driven by the advent of more compact, higher quality, and less expensive ultrasound equipment, practicality, efficiency and demand.

Today ultrasound has medical applications for every area of the body and provides accurate results regarding overall structural composition, considered the “stethoscope of the 21st century”. In correspondence with the rapidly growing utilization of ultrasound technology by various medical specialties, the Simbionix U/S Mentor provides a unique training opportunity, allowing healthcare professionals and clinical practitioners to independently acquire sonography skills in their field of practice.

The Simbionix U/S Mentor features highly realistic simulation within a comprehensive educational environment. The simulator is comprised of a palpable mannequin and true to life simulated anatomies, physiology and pathologies, with skill tasks and structured step-by-step procedural guidance available alongside virtual patient cases.

The first training package is designed to develop basic ultrasonographic psychomotor skills and advanced hands on training for Bedside Echocardiography.  A variety of hands-on tasks and cases accompanied by comprehensive didactics enhance procedural and clinical understanding. The unique module incorporates ECG, image enhancement tools, measurement tools, color doppler, cine-loops recording and clinical findings reporting, all supporting training to the full extent of the actual procedure.

Ran Bronstein, Simbionix President & COO, remarked: “The new simulator joins the line of successful Simbionix medical education products already embraced by the medical community. Standing at the forefront of providing training solutions, Simbionix is once again one step ahead of the market, keeping up with the evolving needs of the field to provide physicians with the most effective and safe training solutions.”

Stop by Simbionix booth #627 at ACEP, October 8-11, in Denver, CO, to be one of the firsts to experience the ground breaking U/S Mentor.

Simbionix New ANGIO Mentor™ Suite Promotes Endovascular Team Training in a True-to-life Clinical Environment

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training is pleased to announce the release of its next generation simulator platform for endovascular training, the ANGIO Mentor™ Suite.

The ANGIO Mentor family of products provides clinicians with various platforms on which to practice endovascular skills and full procedures on realistic fluoroscopic images using the same tools used in real procedures. In addition to the technical skills, clinicians can benefit even more from hands-on training when it is provided in a true to life clinical environment, in a setting that facilitates team training.

To address this need Simbionix designed the ANGIO Mentor Suite. Training is done on a realistic human patient mannequin that allows introduction of endovascular devices through the actual access site required for the procedure, such as Femoral, Radial, Pedal and Subclavian, as in real life. Additional features help create an ergonomic and realistic cath lab / interventional suite environment, including a height-adjustable patient table, a large  monitor for Fluoro, Echo and hemodynamic display, as well as a large selection of devices and drugs. As the physical attributes of the system are very close to an actual patient, team training becomes more realistic, allowing practicing communication among the clinicians in the drive to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors.

The ANGIO Mentor Suite is fully backwards compatible and enables operation of the entire Simbionix ANGIO Mentor / PROcedure Rehearsal Studio library of modules (18 ANGIO Mentor endovascular modules to date).

“We purchased three ANGIO Mentor Suite systems for our simulation center at Nancy University-Hospital”, said Nguyen TRAN, Nancy School of Surgery COO. “This project is supported by the French Ministry through a program called ‘IDEFI = Excellent Initiative in Pedagogy’. These simulators are constantly being used in training sessions, and we are pleased with the simulation experience they provide. The haptic is very realistic and the ergonomic setup makes the system an ideal platform for team training. In my opinion this is the ideal tool for educating and training the physicians and the clinical staff.”

Stop by Simbionix booth #110 at VEITH/AIM, November 19-22, in New York, to experience the ground breaking ANGIO Mentor™ Suite.

Simbionix USA Corporation is the world’s leading provider of simulation, training and education products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry. The company is committed to delivering high quality products, advancing clinical performance and optimizing procedural outcomes.

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