True to Life Look and Feel

The human anatomy is presented realistically, providing a life-like view of the entire urinary tract in both the scope view and the fluoroscopic view.

Real Time Fluoroscopy

Real time fluoroscopy with injection of a contrast agent, coupled with simulated C-Arm control, creates a true-to-life environment that enables trainees to learn and practice their navigation skills.

Various Endourological Devices

Tools and devices available for use in the simulations includes: guidewires, stents, balloon, forceps, Laser, EHL and more.

Variety of Practice Opportunities

The URO mentor provides an endourology training curriculum made up of basic skills, tutorials for procedural tasks, and simulation of full procedures. In addition, its cost-effective design can also offer training on all PERC mentor modules.

Reporting and Assessment

Performance reports provide quantifiable feedback to both the learner and the educator in order to assess skill level and training success. Many of the parameters provide more information than can be gained from observation alone. All performance reports are recorded and are accessible to the educator for assessment of degree of improvement over the course of training. Metrics include:

  • Time and Economy of Movements
  • Safety and Electrosurgical Dissection
  • Procedural Errors: assessment of complications, tissue injury or bleeding
  • Objective Analysis: automatic video recording of complete procedures combined with performance metrics enable objective observation and analysis of the procedure by the educator and learner.