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"We are very pleased to share with you more detailed information about this successful pilot program for young residents, which took place in Estonia."

Dr. Martina Vitz, lap center Zurich. More Testimonials...

LAP Mentor™

Providing the Highest Level of Surgical Training

The Simbionix LAP Mentor stands out amongst available laparoscopic surgical simulators by providing a complete training solution to learners of all levels and across all disciplines including gynecology, urology and general surgery. Simbionix engages surgical opinion leaders, medical societies and educators in order to develop products with meaningful training impact.

An ever expanding library of modules provides a curriculum for basic laparoscopic tasks and skills alongside basic and advanced complete procedure training. The system features 13 training modules and over 65 tasks and cases, including general surgery, gynecology, urology, bariatric surgery and colon and rectal surgery. Add-on modules are continuously being developed in pace with ongoing surgical advances, to provide the most value possible for the LAP Mentor system.

State-of-the-Art Training Technology

Unique technology enables high fidelity procedure simulation for learners to experience a range of complex laparoscopic procedures in a safe environment. Providing the highest level of hands-on training, the LAP Mentor™ platforms are available with or without tactile experience when using the surgical tools for enhancing true-to-life feel of tissue resistance during surgery simulation.

The LAP Mentor medical simulator at the Minimally Invasive Surgical Center, Singapore

Enhancing Patient Safety

In a rapidly developing field, with obstacles such as the reduction of working hours by legislation, it has become difficult to provide the necessary training in the operating room. The LAP Mentor provides a safe and motivating learning environment, as well as providing a complete educational solution integrated into training programs. Scientific data supports the effective use in training and assessment, proving transfer of skills to the OR.

We at Simbionix welcome the input of the Medical Community, and would appreciate your feedback. Please email Sophia Slepnev, Product Manager at


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