The Team Training setup provides high fidelity technical practice for all participants in the procedure along with reinforcement of non-technical skills, including: enhancing communication skills, optimizing coordination and cooperation within the team, and improving decision-making in both routine and emergency situations.

Easy plug-and-play connection between the haptic LAP MentorTM and the portable LAP MentorTM Express simulators allows an optimal combination between individual and team training.

Master the roles and responsibilities of:

  • Main Surgeon
  • Surgical Assistant
  • Camera Assistant
  • Operator of uterine manipulator (in the Hysterectomy module)
  • NEW: Scrub Nurse selection of instruments during the case using a Tablet

Team training setting

Hysterectomy – cooperation between main surgeon, assistant and uterine manipulator operator

Nurse may virtually select the tools and practice anticipation of surgeon’s needs