Offering realistic ultrasound training and objective assessment

The Ultrasound Mentor provides educational and clinical environments for comprehensive training of ultrasound exam protocols:

  • An elegant modular platform supports both desktop and standalone configurations
  • True-to-life, palpable mannequins can be alternated for continuous training
  • Realistic probe switch for immediate alternated approach: TTE/TEE, TAS/TVS
  • A true-to-life complex ultrasound image, presenting common ultrasound attributes and artifacts
  • Basic to advanced image enhancement tools and controls are freely available
  • Advanced diagnostic tools are at the user’s disposal: Color Doppler, CW, PW, M-mode, measurements and more
  • Realistic anatomies physiology and pathologies offering a diverse range of normal to abnormal scenarios
  • Training to the full extent of the actual procedure: starting with patient complaints and tests, through scanning and documenting, and complete with clinical interpretation and reporting the findings
  • Skill Tasks and Step-by-step Procedural Tasks provide a self-learning opportunity and save valuable faculty time
  • Advanced educational environment optimizes the individual learning curve, offering external visualizations, anatomic labels, tutorials, immediate performance feedback and more.
  • A unique Case Severity feature allows for multiple scenarios creation using a single case, thus tailoring the diagnostic complexity to the learner experience level
  • Ongoing metrics capturing of accuracy and efficacy measurements, image analysis, etc. supports self-progress monitoring, as well as competency assessment by an instructor
  • Both Technical Skills and Diagnostic Interpretation are being practiced, assessed and reported
  • Unique training management system – the MentorLearn offers enhanced capabilities of trainees and training management, including progress monitoring, benchmarks setting, remote access and multiple simulators interface.