Clinical Validations for Simbionix Simulators – Proven in the Most Clinical Studies

The medical community has come to recognize the importance and effectiveness of medical simulators. Evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of simulation for medical training is continually accumulating and studies are validating the role of medical simulators in training and assessment. (See research article:  Eight Critical Factors in Creating and Implementing a Successful Simulation Program see link).

The surgical simulation line is featured in more than 100 published studies in peer-reviewed journals, conferences and congresses. All studies were conducted by independent medical institutions and all studies validate the simulators as an effective and useful training tool. Many of the studies were conducted by key opinion leaders and leading physicians in the medical industry.

The studies concluded that:

  • The LAP Mentor is a high fidelity simulator that provides full procedures and is superior to basic VR simulators (Reznick et al 2009)
  • Training on the LAP Mentor is translating into superior performance of live laparoscopic urological procedure (Dr. Cadeddu et al 2008)
  • Training on the LAP Mentor improves resident performance of basic skills in the animate operating room environment (Minter et al 2006)
  • Training on the GI Mentor in EGD is useful for beginners (Sakaida et al 2008)
  • Fellows who underwent GI Mentor training performed significantly better during the early phase of real colonoscopy (Cohen et al 2006)
  • The URO Mentor appears to be a realistic and useful training model for endourologic procedures (Hendrikx et al 2009)
  • Training on the ANGIO Mentor is beneficial for skills acquisition (Van Herzeele et al 2008)
  • The Utility of Endovascular Simulation to Improve Technical Performance and Stimulate Continued Interest of Preclinical Medical Students in Vascular Surgery (Jason T. Lee January 2010)
  • PROcedure Rehearsal Studio helps with planning procedure and device selection, leading to use of less contrast and radiation, and shorter procedure duration. (Weisz 2009)
  • The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio has high face validity and may be useful in the planning and execution of carotid artery intervention. (Hislop et al 2008)

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