The LAA Closure module enables individuals or team training of complete procedural LAA Closure steps including LIVE TEE and doppler, in a variety of anatomical settings, and includes multiple complication scenarios.

Cath Lab Team Training with LIVE TEE

Module Features:

  • Live TEE (Exclusive) using a realistic probe for echocardiographer training, enabling cath lab team training
  • Doppler evaluation of device sealing which can be recorded
  • Full procedure simulation including transseptal puncture, transseptal sheath placement, device sizing and placement using echo measurements
  • Occlusion device recapture – the device can be fully recaptured and redeployed several times to achieve optimal sealing of the LAA.
  • Complications: Aortic punctures, LAA pericardial effusion, coronary air embolism
  • Anatomical Variations: Cases including various LAA anatomies and types of Fossa Ovalis (Transseptal Puncture membrane)
  • A step-by-step self-guided tutorial case
  • Preset TEE views for non-echocardiographers