The Pelvic Exam module is delivered with a set of several interchangeable anatomies that represent different exam types. These anatomies enable the trainee to virtually encounter and learn various pelvic conditions before they perform the exam on a live patient. Trainees gain the ability to recognize normal and abnormal gynecological findings and practice using the proper techniques to perform pelvic exams.

The Pelvic Exam Module’s advanced capabilities include a mannequin with easy access for the interchangeable anatomies

There are six different exam anatomies:

Normal uterus

Ovarian cyst


Large fibroid

Ectopic pregnancy


Dynamic anatomical behavior – While pressing on the stomach, or manipulating the cervix within the vagina on the mannequin, the palpated organs in the virtual model on the screen are moving in synchronization with the mannequin. This allows the learner to receive realtime feedback on movements inside the pelvic cavity.

Pelvic Exam Module – Stomach movement while user is pressing from above.