“Modern evidence based training programmes in technical simulation include a period of self-directed training sessions on the simulator before attempting to pass the relevant test and acquiring certification. The MentorLearn Platform is a great help for the course administrator in this respect. It is possible to follow the individual trainee from your home computer, assign cases to train and post study material, keep track of how the trainee does and how much time she spends on the simulator. The different 3d simulators in our unit may all be found in our MentorLearn access, and it is thus possible to see what other courses the trainee has worked on. A very well thought out and useful administration tool.”

“Training dexterity and expertise in the urological field is becoming more and more adapted to the learners individual needs. Simulators like provided by 3D were shown to greatly enhance surgeons skills and competences in a safe and well controlled environment.  The MentorLearn system now allows surgeons to train and follow their performance through online, easy-access learning. A great way to challenge your skills and compare to others.”

MentorLearn in Dr. Matthew Sardelli’s Arthroscopy Resident Program
Indiana University School of Medicine

Don J. Selzer, MD, Associate Professor and Medical Director IU Department of Surgery Skills Lab of the Indiana University School of Medicine, shares information on how he uses the MentorLearn simulator curricula management system in his program.

MentorLearn in Dr. Lallas’s Robotic Surgical Skills Program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

“The Mentor learn software of the RobotiX is user friendly, contains a wide range of tasks/procedures and allows for easy performance tracking with the ability to customize your own curricula. ”

Leijte BSc Researcher, S.M.B.I. Botden, MD, PhD, Pediatric Surgeon​
European Surgical Institute

“MentorLearn has assisted us in automating and reusing our standardized simulation courses and group management, making the administration tasks much easier.”

Gabbi Punner, Senior Manager Virtual Reality Technolgy, European Surgical Institute
Royal Free Medical Simulation Centre, UK

“The Surgical Science’simulators are an outstanding example of thoughtful design and recognition that the virtual reality experience needs to be integrated with ease of use and automated recording of trainees’ metrics which trainers can use to assess progress.”

Dr. Pasquale Berlingieri, Professor Owen Epstein, Royal Free Medical Simulation Centre, UK