This simulator provides hands-on training for an unlimited number of ultrasound and fluoroscopy guided interventions supporting multiple-specialties.

A New Training Opportunity

  • First-to-market virtual reality simulator for image-guided interventions.
  • One platform that enables multi-specialty hands-on practice for endless number of U/S and fluoroscopy guided interventions. Simply plug-in the relevant anatomy and start the procedure.

 Unmatched Realism

  • True-to-life anatomical model with palpable anatomical markers.
  • Live tracking of needle and ultrasound probe.
  • Organ movement such as lung expansion, heart pumping, artery pulsation, fetal movements and much more.

Unparalleld Educational Value

  • Self-guided step-by-step procedure tutorial.
  • Proficiency levels – training from novice to experts with anatomy variations, clinical scenarios and pathologies.
  • Assessment – educational simulation experience including organ puncture warnings, complications such as pneuomothorax, visual aids as 3D needle, enhanced performance report and safety assessment.

Available Interventions


Central Line Placement


Nerve Block