“We found that residents beginning the five year residency program didn’t have the necessary skills to succeed in the operating room as it pertained to arthroscopy. They didn’t know how to hold the instrumentation nor operate with the arthroscope. Although they had the theoretical knowledge of the anatomy and different surgical approaches, when it came to performing arthroscopy of the shoulder, hip,  and knee, they lacked a basic comfort level with the instrumentation and spatial orientation to perform these procedures.”

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“I think that arthroscopy really lends itself to simulation and with the Surgical Science simulator there’s tactile feedback that really gives the resident or the trainee a good sense of what it’s like to be in the knee or in the shoulder.”

“The ARTHRO Mentor is the wave of the future. It allows us to give our residents a tool that can train them in those types of arthroscopic skills that they really can’t get other than actually using the arthroscope. We’ve done a study demonstrating that the skills that they gain in using the ARTHRO Mentor are transferable to the operating room. In addition to training our residents and giving them a tool to improve their basic arthroscopic skills, the ARTHRO Mentor is also a wonderful way to evaluate their progress as they move from first, to second, to third year.

We found that the ARTHRO Mentor is user-friendly, and we keep it in our resident’s on-call room, so they can simply turn on the computer and pick up the instruments and start to practice. We have tests for them to go through and different levels for them to achieve on the ARTHRO Mentor and you certainly can tell the difference between the residents who’ve been on the ARTHRO Mentor and those that haven’t. We make it a prerequisite that they first train on the ARTHRO Mentor before they start operating on live patients in the operating room.”

“The world is changing, especially in surgery in terms of teaching because you cannot learn motor skills without doing it yourself; you have to perform the procedures”.

“I want to go on record as recommending the ARTHRO Mentor virtual reality simulator for shoulder arthroscopy for any training institution that plans to maximize the opportunity to train surgeons in this difficult task”.

“…a wonderful surgical simulator…/… so residents can do hundreds of these before they start on their patients. So I think that is the future”.

“We would like to highlight …/… what this innovation brings to the new era of specialized medical edu-cation”.

“The ARTHRO Mentor virtual reality arthroscopic simulator is the most advanced virtual reality simulator system for teaching and training arthroscopy surgery”.

“It certainly has proven to be the most realistic simulator I have found on the market thus far”.

“This [validation] study clearly establishes construct validity showing that …/… arthroscopic simulation [i.e,ARTHRO Mentor system] can measure actual clinical skills and not merely the ability to manipulate a simulator, thus confirming our hypothesis. [This hypothesis] was further validated by reproducing the test on a cadaveric model with the same results.”