BRONCH Express

Co-Developed with CHEST (ACCP), the BRONCH Express Provides Affordable, Portable Training.

The BRONCH Express is a portable table-top simulator.  Co-developed with CHEST (the American College of Chest Physicians), this virtual reality simulator for Endobronchial Ultrasound was developed to provide a meaningful and affordable hands-on training solution for training and qualification.

The simulator offers:

  • Realistic bronchoscopic experience – featuring an emulated scope, realistic video display and true physical behavior of scope and endoscopic tools.
  • Comprehensive patient environment – featuring anatomy with ramified bronchial tree variants for the different virtual patients.
  • Didactic options enhancing trainee understanding – including bronchial segments labelling (descriptive and advanced numeric), an external 3D Map dynamically visualizing the scope within the bronchial anatomy, and performance objectives capturing and reporting.

Available training modules: Essential Bronchoscopy, Diagnostic Bronchoscopy and EBUS.

The BRONCH Express as featured on the CHEST website

Mounted inside a carry-on case, this desktop simulator is easy to setup and repack.