Changing the Face of Endourology Training

The URO Mentor™ medical simulator provides the most comprehensive endourology hands-on training and practice opportunities for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The URO Mentor provides a unique opportunity to work with a variety of scopes, tools and visual images on a true to life system providing a look and feel so close to reality, that at times it may be hard to distinguish the difference.

Introduction to the use of endourology scopes and tools is done by working on coordination skills and essential tasks for the review of anatomies, followed by the practice of actual procedures on a variety of virtual patient cases, each with its own unique anatomy and pathologies.

Safe practice of endourology procedures on the URO Mentor includes:

  • Simulation of rigid and flexible cystoscopes and ureteroscopes
  • Practice essential skills, stone extraction, stone lithotripsy, cutting strictures or taking biopsies
  • Real-time simulation of fluoroscopy and C-arm control
  • An ergonomic platform provides use of actual scope with a real tool handle and enables actual tool insertion into working channels

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