Simbionix Releases Two New Platforms at the Upcoming DDW and AUA Events

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical simulation, training and education products, is proud to announce the release two new platform designs this week: the new GI Mentor™ Express simulator and the enhanced hardware for the URO Mentor™.

The GI Mentor Express is an elegant portable platform offering the most advanced hands-on training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. This high end virtual reality trainer offers over 60 tasks and virtual patient cases for endoscopy skill enhancement, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy and gastric bleeding. Just as in the full sized GI Mentor, training on this portable solution is done utilizing an actual scope, realistic tactile sensation and true to life anatomy, physiology and pathologies. All of the mentioned features, together with performance metrics validated in more than 40 studies, contribute to preparing the trainee for performing actual cases on live patients. The GI Mentor Express is offered in several configurations for enhanced flexible pricing. Simbionix will unveil the new GI Express at the DDW in San Diego, CA, May 20-22, booth #3025.

The newly enhanced URO Mentor being launched this week by the company was designed to enable future simulation content on the same platform. Currently the system combines training for both endourology and percutaneous access procedures. The unique cost effective design utilizes the latest technology, and is ready to be upgraded with female urologic anatomy, for future modules and training procedures. The new system will be unveiled at the upcoming AUA in Atlanta, GA, May 19-22, at booth #2761.

Ran Bronstein, Simbionix President and COO, commented that “Simbionix continues to enhance existing products and develop new products in order to provide the best value for our clients. Work on a specific trainer is on-going even after the simulator is released, as we keep on developing new modules and working on the existing configurations and platforms to improve the products and keep them updated with the latest technologies”.

Simbionix Offers LAP Mentor™ Customers a Bariatric Curriculum at No Cost

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training, is pleased to provide LAP Mentor customers with a new simulation-based Bariatric Curriculum, developed by educators with years of experience in using medical simulation.

The course was developed to provide an overview of bariatric surgery, introducing techniques with hands on / live operating. Surgery for Obesity – Registrar Training and Educational Development (SORTED) is a unique modular course, designed specifically for senior trainees. The first course based on this curriculum was held at The European Surgical Institute (ESI), one of Europe’s leading centers for Continuing Medical Education (CME).

Simon Monkhouse, Specialist Registrar at the Royal United Hospital, Bath, UK commented: “As a surgical registrar with a specialist interest in Upper GI and Bariatric surgery, I was frustrated by the lack of a formalized Bariatric training program. I was also a little disappointed that courses in bariatric surgery were slightly confused about their target audience, with delegates ranging from junior trainees to senior consultants. I decided to address these problems and designed SORTED. The delegate feedback was uniformly excellent and the plan for the future is to nationalize SORTED.”

“Simbionix is very proud to work in collaboration with key leaders in medical education and surgery such as Dr. Simon Monkhouse to provide our worldwide customers with well thought out curricula”, said Inbal Mazor, Simbionix VP of Global Marketing. “The SORTED Bariatric Curriculum for the LAP Mentor, together with the entire Simbionix curricula series, is provided via MentorLearn™, the Simbionix Online training management system, designed in accordance with our mission to advance clinical performance. We are currently collaborating with well known medical institutions to create additional courses in a variety of disciplines for the benefit of our clients.”

Simbionix Introduced Its Next Generation Simulator Platform For Endovascular Training

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training, is pleased to announce the release of its next generation simulator platform for its endovascular training, the ANGIO Mentor™ Slim.

Simbionix ANGIO Mentor, an innovative virtual reality training simulator, provides hands-on practice in a comprehensive simulated environment for endovascular procedures. This unique system provides a solution for a variety of training programs, including Interventional Radiology, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology, Vascular Surgery, Interventional Neuroradiology and Thoracic Surgery. An ever-expanding library of modules supports the acquisition and honing of essential skills to build confidence and proficiency in a variety of endovascular techniques and procedures.

The new simulator platform, the ANGIO Mentor Slim is based on newly developed technology, offering advanced device tracking capabilities and more robust performance. Smaller dimensions make it even more convenient to both use and transport. Adding an additional hardware unit to the ANGIO Mentor Slim creates the ANGIO Mentor Dual Slim, which is used to provide realistic simulation of challenging endovascular procedures which require two simultaneous access sites, such as EVAR (Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair), TEVAR (Thoracic Endovascular Aneurysm Repair), Transseptal Puncture and ASD/PFO (using the ICE handle and the deployment device handle simultaneously). All ANGIO Mentor modules and PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™ modules can be used on this new platform.

“After successfully using the ANGIO Mentor Express, our clients are now provided with an even more advanced and portable system with all of the same capabilities as in the previous configuration” said Ran Bronstein, Simbionix President and COO. “As this is a multidisciplinary educational system, many of our clients use these systems for training in hospitals and medical centers in more than one location. In this new configuration we were able to implement technological advances together with creating a smaller and lighter system, resulting in an improved training simulator which is more reliable, easier to use and easier to transport”.

First CAMLS Fellowship Sponsored by Simulation Partner Simbionix

TAMPA, FL  – Simbionix, a leading global provider of medical education and simulation training, has sponsored the first fellowship at the USF Health Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS).

The one-year USF fellowship will allow students in health professions at the graduate or postgraduate levels to focus on leadership development in healthcare simulation education and training.  The fellowship, to begin July 1, 2012, will be open to students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health professions.

“We are proud to support this fellowship that will cultivate leaders in medical simulation education,” said Gary Zamler, CEO of Simbionix USA Corporation.  “Our company is committed to patient safety and improving outcomes for complex medical procedures. The same is true for USF.  We’re a powerful combination.”

“We could not be more excited about the growing relationship with Simbionix and CAMLS,” said Dr. Stephen Klasko, CEO of USF Health and dean of the Morsani College of Medicine. “Our simulation partnership will help to transform health care by making sure health professionals are competent to use advanced technology safely and most effectively.”

Simbionix and USF Health have had a longstanding, warm and productive collaboration for more than four years, and will continue working together to achieve innovation in medical simulation.

Just one example: With the support of a grant from the U.S.-Israeli Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, the Israeli subsidiary of Simbionix, USA Corp., and USF Health have developed the world’s most advanced  laparoscopic hysterectomy simulation module for training GYN surgeons in minimally-invasive surgery techniques.

In addition, USF Health CAMLS is among the handful of institutions worldwide designated one of Simbionix’s PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™  Centers of Excellence, which allows 3D visualization for patient-specific endovascular procedures.

About USF Health
USF Health’s mission is to envision and implement the future of health. It is the partnership of the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine, the College of Nursing, the College of Public Health, the College of Pharmacy, the School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences; and the USF Physician’s Group. The University of South Florida is a global research university ranked 34th in federal research expenditures for public universities.

FDA Cleared New Application for Simbionix PROcedure Rehearsal Studio

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training, is pleased to announce that Simbionix received FDA clearance for the EVAR (Endovascular Aneurysm Repair) application for the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™ (PRS). Last year Simbionix received clearance for the PRS Carotid Intervention application.

The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio transforms the patient’s CT scan into a 3D visualization model. Simbionix has developed a revolutionary technology to use this 3D visualization model within its endovascular simulator, the ANGIO Mentor, to allow surgeons to evaluate endovascular surgical treatment options before surgery. PRS provides a 3D model of the patient’s vasculature and true-to-life vessel measurement tools.

After exporting the 3D model into the ANGIO Mentor simulator practice environment, the physician is able to train and practice aneurysm repair on the patient’s specific anatomy. For the first time, surgeons can practice endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, including precise deployment of the bifurcated and contralateral leg stent graft, deployment of iliac and aortic extensions and touch-up ballooning.

According to Dr. Yael Friedman, Director of Regulatory Affairs for Simbionix, the Simbionix track record in advanced medical education and training is unmatched, with more than 140 studies documenting the effectiveness and value of Simbionix medical simulators. “Based on this foundation, and on quality control, development, and production processes that were put in place over the past few years, we are pleased to be able to move beyond training and also provide the market with a clinical tool,” Dr. Friedman said. “We are very proud that the FDA has cleared the EVAR application and continues to recognize the clinical component of the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio.”

Hands-on PROcedure Training, VEITHsymposium, November 18

Training is becoming more important as options in imaging, open, endovascular and hybrid techniques increase. VEITHsymposium is offering complimentary hands-on simulation based training sessions for VEITHsymposium attendees on Friday, November 18th from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Simbionix to Introduce Three New Women’s Health Products

Cleveland, OH, USA: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training produts for medical professionsals and the healthcare industry, is proud to introduce three new products for women’s health professionals, including PELVIC Mentor™, Hysterectomy module for the LAP Mentor™ and the new Simposia online platform for the OB/GYN community. All products will be demonstrated at Simbionix booth #1103 at the AAGL 40th Global Congress of Minimally Invasive Gynecology in Hollywood, FL, November 6-10, 2011.

The revolutionary industry first PELVIC Mentor combines a mannequin with a computerized 3D virtual system, intended to prepare gynecologists and urogynecologists for pelvic procedures. This unique system enables the trainee to obtain a real-time indication of the finger palpation or device manipulation on virtual anatomical structures, a crucial skill for every pelvic procedure, and pelvic reconstructive surgery in particular. The comined system design, which includes the mannequin’s anatomical structure, finger sensation and virtual model, provide the most effective training tool to date.

While studies show that laparoscopic hysterectomy is associated with lower morbidity and a less intense stress response, the advanced procedure requires extra training and considerable skill and experience on the part of the surgeon. To advance clinical performance, Simbionix has developed another industry first, the Hysterectomy VR training module, intended for practicing OB/GYN surgeons as well as residents / fellows. The module provides practice in the key components of the procedure, while the advanced and comprehensive simulation curriculum provides an opportunity for practicing in a safe environment and includes educational aids such as videos of the real procedure, procedural instructions and performance reports.

To enhance the company’s education continuum, Simbionix has created Simposia, an online network of communities where physicians can share and discuss clinical procedures and videos anytime, anywhere. The women’s health community is a case-based resource that goes beyond traditional education to allow sharing cases and videos with colleagues, mentors and worldwide experts, as well as review and comment on their submissions. Simbionix invites OB/GYNs to join the growing community at, to enjoy the benefits of this evolving platform.

“The Simbionix women’s health product offering provides an excellent example of the company’s wide understanding of and investment in medical education and training” said Gary Zamler, Simbionix CEO. “Keeping up with worldwide technological advances and techniques, not only are we introducing cutting edge hands-on training products, we are also providing a platform for enhanced community learning and sharing. I am extremely proud that the company continuously provides advanced products such as the three being introduced at the upcoming AAGL, which are made possible thanks to our heavy investments in R&D and the exceptional professional team that works together to answer the most urgent market needs.”

Patent Granted for Simbionix PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™

Cleveland, OH, USA: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical simulation training and education products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce it has been granted a patent in the UK for its innovative PROcedure Rehearsal Studio.

The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™ is a first in industry product, allowing clinicians to create a patient specific 3D and 4D anatomical models based on a patient’s imaging data, such as CT, for the purpose of simulating and planning endovascular procedures. The patent was granted on Simbionix’s proprietary technology used in order to simulate an image guided angioplasty procedure based on input from a patient’s 3D medical image, allowing a hands-on planning and rehearsal experience as well as providing physicians with unlimited generation of unique clinical case studies and the ability to better demonstrate a complex clinical procedure to their patients.

Earlier this year, the PROcedure Rehearsal Studio software was market cleared in the United States, intended for use as a software interface and image segmentation system for the transfer of imaging data from a medical scanner to an output file. It is also intended as pre-operative software for simulating and evaluating surgical treatment options. Unique to the Simbionix simulation systems, the 3D segmentation model can be exported to the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor™ Simulator practice environment. The results are an advanced method of creating an ever expanding library of modules for training and post-operative debriefing.

“This addition to the company’s comprehensive IP portfolio is evidence to the uniqueness and quality of Simbionix’s products and exceptional development team”, said Simbionix CFO, Mr. Boaz Tal. “Technologically advanced medical education solutions are becoming more accepted and are regularly integrated into medical training programs. The patented PROcedure Rehearsal Studio allows for the integration of medical imaging into training, strengthening the link between the clinical and training. Having been granted the patent is an additional sign of recognition for the Simbionix comprehensive line of products, which provide innovative solutions to advance medical performance and ensure patient safety.”

Training on the Simbionix GI Mentor Shows Sustainable Superiority Compared to Standard Endoscopic Training

Cleveland, OH, USA: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry, is pleased to report on the results of a controlled randomized trial on the company’s GI Mentor, conducted by a team headed by Arnulf Ferlitsch, MD at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

The Simbionix GI Mentor virtual simulator provides endoscopic hands-on training with haptic sensations for the complete spectrum of Gastroenterology Procedures. Simulation cases are based on real anatomies and an actual (modified) scope is utilized to perform the procedure, rendering real time endoscopic display.

The study set out to evaluate the measure to which training on the GI Mentor can improve objective performance of beginners in endoscopy. “Simulation based training in GI Endoscopy has been long established in professional literature as a quick and efficient training tool”, remarked Arnulf Ferlitsch, MD, from the Medical University of Vienna, principal investigator for this study. “In our 4 year randomized controlled trial utilizing Simbionix GI Mentor we have demonstrated that training on the GI Mentor significantly improves and accelerates the acquisition of technical skills, as well as reduces the performance time of the procedure in real patients. Moreover, the unique and very exciting result lies in the demonstration that the GI Mentor VR training is not only superior to the standard non-simulation training, in terms of real procedure performance, but this superiority is long lasting and is still evident after 60 endoscopic procedures have been performed. Results of such significance are expected to further drive the adoption of GI simulation as the leading training tool for endoscopic proficiency acquisition.” The article was published in Endoscopy 2010; 42: 1049-1056.

Dr. Yael Friedman, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Simbionix, commented “This is an important study that Dr. Ferlitsch and his colleges have published, demonstrating the contribution of the GI Mentor to improving healthcare outcomes. It is a valuable addition to over 40 published studies over the last 10 years, validating the GI Mentor as an evidence based virtual reality training tool for GI Endoscopy. We are very proud of the study results, as they reflect our ongoing efforts to continuously provide the most relevant tools to achieve the training objectives set by the medical community.

The GI Mentor will be exhibited at Simbionix booth #2843 at DDW 2011, in Chicago Il,  May 8-10.

Simbionix to Introduce Industry First Training Simulator for Pelvic Floor Repair

Cleveland, OH, USA: Simbionix USA Corporation, the world’s leading provider of medical education and simulation training products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce its new training simulator for pelvic floor repair, to be exhibited for the first time at the ACOG 59th Annual Clinical Meeting in Washington, DC, April 30- May 4, 2011.

The revolutionary Pelvic Mentor™ is an integrated hybrid system, combining a plastic mannequin with a computerized 3D virtual system. The simulator is intended to prepare gynecologists and urogynecologists for pelvic floor reconstruction with an emphasis on transvaginal mesh procedures. Pelvic organ prolapse is a common group of clinical conditions affecting millions of women around the world. Approximately 40% of women aged 40 to 80 are affected by pelvic organ prolapse, a condition in which weak pelvic floor muscles cause the pelvic organs to fall out of place. Pelvic organ prolapse can cause uncomfortable pelvic pressure, limiting the woman’s physical activity and sexual intimacy.

Pelvic floor reconstructive surgeries require surgical expertise, knowledge of both abdominal and vaginal physiology anatomy and experience with the procedure itself. This unique system was designed to allow trainees to obtain detailed knowledge of pelvic anatomy and to acquire comprehensive skills in pelvic reconstructive surgery for pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence to enhance patient safety. The Pelvic Mentor’s innovative concept utilizes numerous external sensors that are either embedded inside a medical device or worn on the trainee’s finger. These sensors, combined with the mannequin and the 3D picture, enable the trainee to obtain a real-time indication of the finger palpation or device manipulation on virtual anatomical structures.

The Pelvic Mentor is a strong didactic tool, enabling the trainee to receive real-time feedback while recognizing the relevant anatomical sections and / or manipulating the relevant medical device within the pelvis cavity. The unique combination of the model’s anatomical structure, finger sensation and virtual model provide the most effective training tool to date.

“Utilizing cutting edge technology, we are introducing our first system to address the training needs for non MIS procedures, going beyond what is currently available in the industry”, says Ran Bronstein, Simbionix President. “The Pelvic Mentor hybrid simulator takes the training experience one step closer to reality by combining true to life tactile sensation. The new hardware tracks the trainee’s movements more accurately, allowing the instructor to better view the trainee’s movements, and providing the trainee with a more complete training experience. The Simbionix Pelvic Mentor is yet another example of the company’s commitment to provide comprehensive educational solutions for OB/GYN surgeons, joining the solutions provided on the LAP Mentor and the HYST Mentor.”