Since there is often a large demand for the PERC Mentor Suite by multiple departments and programs, the platform was designed not only for a realistic learning experience, but it also offers portability and flexibility with interchangeable components.

The innovative PERC Mentor Suite system is comprised of an anatomical model puncture pad, an ultrasound probe, interventional tools (a needle and a syringe), an innovative all-in-one computer and a multi-touch screen. The configuration is enhanced by a wireless keyboard and a mouse for simple, convenient user operation. The system components are placed on a cart that can be wheeled into another room or department as needed.  Height adjustable, this cart makes training comfortable for all learners.

The PERC Mentor Suite’s unique design is ideal for sim centers with limited space as only one system is needed yet many procedures can be practiced.  The anatomical model is integrated in a cartridge that can be easily snapped into the system docking station and changed to a different anatomical model when switching modules.

Anatomy Puncture Pad Cartridges

The puncture pad is comprised of several tissue layers and bones, when applicable. The pad is durable and can be utilized for hundreds of needle insertions