Angiography Suite / Cath Lab / Hybrid OR Simulation
  • Real time creation of continuous fluoroscopy, roadmap, CINE and DSA imaging.
  • Simulation of C-arm and patient’s table maneuvering using a control panel.
  • Ability to store and browse images/sequence acquired..
Patient Management
  • A comprehensive drug panel including anti-hypertensive, anticoagulation or thrombolytic agents.
  • Vital signs and ECG monitor reflecting complications or drug administration.
Radiation Safety
  • Dosage Display on the fluoroscopy monitor showing real time dose rate, DAP (dose area product) and cumulative dose.
  • Messages and Alerts reminding the trainee of radiation safety principle, errors and dosage alerts
  • Performance and Scoring Report summarizing how each radiation safety principle was attended.

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ECHO visualization capabilities gives intra-operative structural and functional assessment of cardiac structures in real time. ICE (Intra Cardiac Echo) and TEE (Transesophagel Echocardiogram) including doppler are incorporated in several cardiac modules.

Educational Aids
  • 3D anatomical views – allow the trainee to work without fluoroscopy to become familiar with the anatomy.
  • Virtual instructor messages and warnings – guide the trainee through the procedure.
  • Self-guided tutorial cases with step-by-step instructions.
Trainee Tracking and Assessment
  • A procedure log tracks all user actions- devices used, contrast injected, imaging, drug administration, hemodynamic changes and complications.
  • A comprehensive performance report includes tracking and capturing objective parameters: Accurate device selection and manipulation, trainee errors, complications, contrast and imaging.
  • Learn and practice the procedural steps.
  • Encounter a variety of anatomies, including difficult or rare anatomies, which may otherwise not be encountered during a training period.
  • Improve technical skills and performance.
  • Experience a variety of diagnostic and interventional devices.
  • Perform errors and manage real time complications.
  • Improve imaging and radiation safety skills.