Simbionix Gi Mentor Simulators on Grey’s Anatomy

“Training on our GI-BRONCH Mentor has been worked into the Family Medicine Resident Curriculum.  Additionally, Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship as well as Emergency Medicine Residency Program have incorporated the BRONCH Mentor modules into the training of their cohorts.  The simulator has especially been a great asset to our Surgery Residents, who’ve benefited from being able to practice on the Fundamentals Skills Module before sitting for their FES Exam.”

Elizabeth Young
Simulation Program Specialist LSU Health Shreveport

“The Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery ™ (FES) is a comprehensive educational and assessment tool designed to teach and evaluate the fundamental knowledge, clinical judgment and technical skills required in the performance of basic gastrointestinal (GI) flexible endoscopic surgery (endoscopy) and sets a validated benchmark of understanding and skill in basic endoscopy,”

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“I am a Program Director for a Family Medicine Residency Program. All of my residents who want to learn GI endoscopy have to complete all the modules on the GI Mentor simulators before they can begin live patient endoscopy. It has made a major difference in their learning curve.”

Jeffrey Ponsky, MD

This video shares how Dr. Michael Ujiki, Director of the Simulation Lab at the NorthShore University HealthSystem of Chicago, IL, uses the GI-BRONCH Mentor and LAP Mentor in his program.

“…Safer surgeons, with deeper knowledge, with better skills, and this is really the fruit of our efforts”

Paul Pribaz, Executive Director, Feinberg School of Medicine,  Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.