U/S Mentor Testimonials and Customer Story

“The simulator has allowed our residents, fellows and sonographer students to systematically review fetal anatomy.  The fetal movement during the exam replicates real life scanning in a way that dramatically enhances the experience.  The feedback given by the simulator helps learners to optimize their images before adding in the complexities of live patients, different body habitudes and time limitations of the clinical setting!”

“The Ultrasound Mentor simulator is undoubtedly a helpful tool to familiarize students and medical practitioners with such a complex device as an ultrasound. Thanks to this simulator, we who did not normally work with ultrasound, could initially get acquainted with the basic protocols. After practicing correct imaging of various lesions, it was easier to perform an ultrasound of real patient in clinical work. The variety of scenarios makes the simulator an amazing tool that helps students familiarize themselves with the difficult art of interpreting an ultrasound imaging. E-FAST, BLUE, FEEL etc. protocols are shown in an operator-friendly manner, the image is clear and pathologies are easy to interpret.”

“Ultrasound Mentor also gives the opportunity to educate medical practitioners with clinical experience in ultrasound imaging. One of such tools is the module for imaging changes in patients with COVID-19. People who trained using COVID-19 module admitted that it was much easier for them to recognize life-threatening changes and implemented earlier appropriate therapy for infected patients. Often, at the initial stage of diagnosis, before receiving the PCR test result, they could visualize changes in the lung parenchyma. In our opinion, as teachers and medical practitioner Ultrasound Mentor is a very useful tool in preparing students and training medical staff in using ultrasound for diagnostic purposes. ”

“First of all, it looks very real as if we are just using the probes and trying to see something on the screen. It’s very simple to explain to students what they are seeing, and especially where everything is labelled as students can easily understand what they are seeing – as this is their biggest challenge. This makes teaching very easy. Also, since there is step-by-step guidance, students can practice on their own.”

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Innovative Ultrasound Cloud Simulation:
Distance hands-on training in the COVID-19 era: Dr. Jared Marx, Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), USA

Live patients unavailable during the pandemic, Simbionix simulator ideal solution to support virtual pediatric heart event.

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“The training goal is to be able to use ultrasound to categorize the patients” specifies Dr. Mirek. “We have a patient who has a symptom that resembles Covid-19, the ultrasound allows us to do the triage: normal lung ultrasound, a mild patient with some symptoms; abnormal lung ultrasound, patient with severe course of disease ”, to determine if the patient requires a transfer to a conventional service or to intensive care unit.”

“Once we learn the typical findings on the simulator, we can reproduce it on an actual COVID-19 patient” explains the trainer. Since April 13, 2020, dozens of physicians have been trained on the simulator. “The objective is therefore to train anesthetists, emergency physicians and general practitioners.”.

“The advantage of ultrasound is to be non-invasive, atraumatic, non-radiating. It can be done at the patient’s bedside, in the emergency room or even at home, ” said Dr Mirek.

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“We were required to open COVID-19 departments in all hospitals in Israel. We understood that we needed a different tool to perform an assessment. I gathered teams from different specialties: pulmonologists, anesthesiologists, internists, rheumatologists and even gastroenterologists that attended the training…..

Practicing on the simulator was great, it was very tangible, and we learned what we were supposed to see and how to identify it….We feel more confident and ready for the patients that we are going to meet. Therefore, we were extremely satisfied by this training. I think it is very important.  This was supported by the very good feedback that was shared by my team.”

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How Ultrasound Simulation is used in Medical Schools

Dr. Charlse DeMessa, pain medicine fellowship director talks about the benefits of U/S Mentor for his fellows

Northwestern University experience of using the U/S Mentor for TEE training of Cardiology Fellows

Dr. Ramsey M. Wehbe a cardiology fellow at Northwestern University talks about his experience with the incorporation of the Ultrasound Mentor to their TEE training program

“We have used the U/S Mentor extensively, and I recommend it very strongly to train fellows in cardiology and cardiac anesthesiology to improve their TEE skills and practice performing comprehensive TEE procedures.  The training modules allow for incremental levels of comfort and expertise in being able to acquire the optimal images for accurate diagnosis.  This simulator can also be used during CME courses under the guidance of an expert, to assess skill levels and suggest interventions to improve the quality and timeliness of performing comprehensive examinations.”

“I am very pleased with the Simbionix U/S Mentor and find it integral in my teaching. I purchased the cardiac package to overcome a major gap that students have from knowing little to nothing about adult echocardiography to learning and understanding the anatomy of the heart. My high expectations for its implementation were exceeded as my students independently take extra time to use the simulator.”