Along with technical skills, the ANGIO Mentor endovascular simulator enables team work training to enhance communication skills, optimize coordination and cooperation within the team, and improve decision-making in both routine and emergency situations.

Team member may include:

  • Primary operator
  • Secondary operator
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Nurse
  • X-ray technician
  • Echocardiographer

The following features, unique to ANGIO Mentor Suite, support team training:

Realistic, human size patient mannequin contributes to the realism of clinical settings, allowing the entire team to stand around it as in real life.

Built-in access in 5 different sites (right and left femoral, radial, pedal and subclavian) contributes to the realism, allowing the team members to stand in the actual position they would stand next to a real patient.

Easy, built-in integration of an actual C-arm for a more realistic cath-lab or hybrid OR clinical settings, enabling training team members interaction with an x-ray technician. The C-arm physical rotation is reflected on the fluoroscopy view and virtual C-arm. 

TEE Probe Integration: ANGIO Mentor Suite II comes ready with a real TEE probe which can be introduced through the mannequin’s mouth. This configuration enables live TEE (Transesophageal echo) imaging alongside the angiographic imaging. It creates a realistic work environment and allows cath lab team training with an echocardiographer for endovascular procedures that are supported with TEE such as Transseptal Puncture and LAA Closure.

See the Invisible – Radiation Awareness Training: “See the invisible” application shows the radiation scatter in the room using augmented reality technology. Using it, Cath lab/hybrid OR teams are able to practice and establish the ALARA principles, and effectively grasp the three basic protective measures: time, distance, and shielding.