Along with technical skills, ANGIO Mentor enables team work training to enhance communication skills, optimize coordination and cooperation within the team, and improve decision-making in both routine and emergency situations.

Team member may include:

  • Primary operator
  • Secondary operator
  • Anesthetist
  • Nurse
  • X-ray technician
  • Echocardiographer

The following features, unique to ANGIO Mentor Suite, support team training:

Realistic, human size patient mannequin contributes to the realism of clinical settings, allowing the entire team to stand around it as in real life.

Built-in access in 5 different sites (right and left femoral, radial, pedal and subclavian) contributes to the realism, allowing the team members to stand in the actual position they would stand next to a real patient.

Easy, built-in integration of an actual C-arm for a more realistic cath-lab or hybrid OR clinical settings, enabling training team members interaction with an x-ray technician. The C-arm physical rotation is reflected on the fluoroscopy view and virtual C-arm. 

TEE Probe Integration: A real TEE probe can be integrated into the ANGIO Mentor Suite, in which it is introduced through the patient’s mouth. This configuration enables live TEE (Transesophageal echo) imaging alongside the angiographic imaging. It creates a realistic work environment and allows cath lab team training with an echocardiographer for endovascular procedures that are supported with TEE such as Transseptal Puncture and LAA Closure.