A cross-specialties simulation platform designed for an ever-expanding library of modules

Surgical Science collaborates with medical experts in order to continuously add training modules for ultrasound-related examinations and procedures. All modules incorporate virtual patients based on real patients with diverse pathologies, abnormalities, and anatomies.

Current modules include training curricula for ultrasound examinations performed by radiologists, cardiologists, internists, emergency and critical care physicians, gynecologists and obstetricians.

The Ultrasound Mentor is the only simulator to offer training modules using real ultrasound scans alongside modules based on full virtual reality simulation.

Virtual reality modules

Our extensive library of virtual reality modules offers trainees a comprehensive educational environment including true-to-life anatomies, advanced diagnostic tools, full performance assessment and more.
Training includes Step-by-Step Procedural Tasks and diagnosis of various healthy and abnormal cases.

Focused Clinical Scenarios 

These modules feature real ultrasound scans as captured by medical experts.

The focused diagnostic environment provides trainees with an opportunity to improve their diagnostic expertise of diverse pathologies, from high incidence to rare abnormalities.