This advanced module provides hands-on training for the treatment of complex bifurcation lesions using two-stent techniques. In each case the trainee can decide how to best treat the patient, based on the bifurcation lesion structure. The practiced techniques include: Provisional Stenting, TAP (T and Portrusion), Culotte and Crush techniques. The anatomies include LAD, circumflex and left main bifurcations. In some cases, IVUS images are available to assess the quality of the intervention result. During the simulation, the trainee may experience complications, such as carina shift.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to identify the side branch and main branch
  • Learn to assess lesion severity
  • Practice decision algorithm – which branch to treat first? which treatment strategy/technique is optimal?
  • Learn and practice the steps of various techniques
  • Practice main branch and side branch wiring
  • Practice provisional optimization technique (POT)
  • Practice performing kissing balloons
  • Learn how to interpret relevant IVUS images
  • Practice management of complications