PELVIC Mentor Testimonials and Customer Story

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Enhancing Hands-on Pelvic Model Experiences for Students with a PELVIC Mentor Simulator: A Briar Cliff University Case Study

How the PELVIC Mentor is Used in Nurse Practitioner Programs

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See how the PELVIC Mentor is used at Ashland University’s Dwight Schar College of Nursing

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“We conducted demos with the PELVIC Mentor and competitive simulators. Nothing came close to the PELVIC Mentor for accurate anatomy identification and pelvic exam experience and testing.”

“Other systems and standardized patients show normal anatomy, but the PELVIC Mentor shows normal anatomy and pathologies. In a clinical setting, some conditions are not experienced every day and can be life threatening. Comprehensive hands-on learning can save a life.”

“The PELVIC Mentor is a great tool to teach residents, students, and physicians pelvic anatomy and also the proper way to perform a pelvic exam. Early learners using the PELVIC Mentor simulator master pelvic exam faster as opposed to using live models. They can learn it in comfort and with less anxiety”.

PELVIC Mentor – Pelvic Anatomy and Pelvic Exam Training Simulation at Ashland University

PELVIC Mentor – Anatomy and pelvic exam simulation at Ashland University

PELVIC Mentor testimonial – Dr. Cindy Evans

PELVIC Mentor testimonial – Cathy Miller