Ionizing radiation exposure is an inherent component of endovascular interventions. As procedures become more complex, greater exposure is incurred by both staff and patients. Radiation safety is becoming a crucial part of all interventional teams training programs. The purpose of the Radiation Safety training software is to present the dosage data in real time and offer didactic tools that will teach the physicians who are working on the ANGIO Mentor simulator what they can do to reduce dosage.

This software allows clinicians to practice the strategies to reduce radiation exposure to the patient and operator while performing an endovascular procedure.

  • Dosage Display on the fluoroscopy monitor showing real time dose rate, DAP (dose area product) and cumulative dose, dosage values reflect the changes in frame rate, table height, image intensifer position etc.
  • Messages and Alerts reminding the trainee of radiation safety principle, errors and dosage alerts
  • Performance and Scoring Report summarizing how each radiation safety principle was attended.