Two New ARTHRO Mentor Modules

Advanced Knee Module

The most cutting-edge VR simulation for
knee arthroscopy

The new module is intended for both residents and more advanced trainees, and includes the following content:

  • Customizable examination tasks
  • Diagnostic tasks on various pathologies
  • Complete meniscectomy procedures using multiple tools

Enables the performance of a full Meniscectomy procedure, including:

  • Diagnostic review
  • Pathological meniscus resection
  • Debris suction
  • Sharp edges smoothening with shaver

Hip Diagnostics Module

The only available VR simulation module for
hip arthroscopy

Includes 11 tasks and cases for gradually obtaining knowledge and skills in diagnostic arthroscopy of the hip:

  • Anatomical knowledge
  • Visual and probe systematic examination practice
  • Pathology identification skills
  • Tools maneuverability via common arthroscopic portals
  • Hip arthroscopy practice in 2 patient positions