Guy Greller

Worldwide Customer Support Manager In any given month, Guy Greller may work on two or three continents.  As Worldwide Customer Support Manager, he travels where he is needed, when he is needed.

“I lead a team of highly qualified technical support representatives in providing top quality customer service and technical resolutions,” said Guy.  ”Since we are a global company, I manage a team that is located around the world.”

Guy began working at Simbionix in 2004 and his fighter plane simulation background from the air force was a good fit. He now leads a team that provides technical support 24/7.  This includes training, customer service and technical troubleshooting.

At Simbionix we provide highly realistic simulation within a comprehensive educational environment,” said Guy.  It is very rewarding knowing that our products are improving physicians skills and patient safety.”

The goal for the Customer Support Department has remained the same year-in and year-out:  To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. “I take great pride in the quality of work performed in my department, as well as the entire company,” said Guy.  ”It is very satisfying knowing that we perform beyond expectations.”



North America Call Center

Jason Lukco

Field Service Technician Jason Lukco, Field Service Technician / Service Product Specialist installs simulators at the customer’s location, as well as conducts in-person, hands-on training sessions. He also provides customer support after the initial installation, whether it be upgrades or repairs, or end-user support via email, phone, or remote access.

“I feel that my main responsibility is to the customer: training each individual one-on-one (or in a group setting, if preferred) in order to get them comfortable and familiar enough with our systems to really get the most out of their purchases,” said Jason. “I focus on ensuring that the physicians, fellows, residents and Sim Center administrators fully understand not only how to properly use the system during a simulation case, but also how to best take advantage of all the other powerful learning tools that are built into each system, including monitoring and utilizing the detailed metrics that these system track and record.”

Jason has a history of technical positions before joining Simbionix last year. “Medical simulation is an absolutely fascinating field to me. It is a relatively new (and constantly evolving) technology and with Simbionix I can make an impact both with customers right in their Sim Labs and within Simbionix itself,” said Jason.  ”Having an employer and a customer base that recognizes and appreciates your efforts is by far one of the most motivating and satisfying aspects of this job. Working in new and interesting cities, as well as working closely with such a wide variety of different people and organizations also has its own rewards. For all of these reasons I enjoying going to work every day.”

Mobile: 1-216-212-4407
Office: 1-216-229-2040 Ext. 116

Meir Roitburd

Technical Support Engineer Meir Roitburd, Technical Support Engineer, provides on-site technical assistance to Simbionix customers and manufacturing center.  Additionally, he is involved in engineering new products.

“I like to work for Simbionix as I’m working with great people, professionally and personally,” said Meir. “I never get bored as the company is fast growing with new products that provide new challenges.”

Mobile: 1-216-650-2603