SSH Virtual Learning Lab

Self-Directed Training, Remote Proctoring And Proficiency-Based Assessment Using The BRONCH Mentor High-Fidelity Simulator.

March 10 | 10:00AM – 11:00AM EST

One hour webinar

In this interactive session using videos and live streaming, participants will learn how the BRONCH Mentor High-Fidelity Bronchoscopy simulator is integrated into fellowship training programs and for proficiency assessment using validated checklists. We will review the evidence on the use of simulators for certification purposes. We will show videos to illustrate how the BRONCH Mentor is used for skills assessment on basic bronchoscopy and EBUS using validated assessment tools (BSTAT and EBUS-STAT) – implemented at international courses and, in the evaluation of Interventional Pulmonology fellowship candidates at the University of Chicago.

The session will highlight the available modules on bronchoscopy ergonomics, airway anatomy, mediastinal lymph nodes, and the case based-practical approach format focusing on technical and cognitive knowledge. In a live streaming session, we will demonstrate how the BRONCH Mentor can be used for remote proctoring, a relevant application in the current learning environment.

Septimiu Murgu, MD, FCCP, DAABIP

Vice-President, AABIP
Chair, CHEST Education Committee
Professor of Medicine,
Director, Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship
Co-Director of Bronchoscopy
The University of Chicago