In addition to hands-on experience of basic TURP Skills and complete TURP and BPH Treatment procedures, the TURP Mentor training program provides a set of educational aids making it a complete educational solution. Benefits include:

A Complete Training Curriculum

The TURP Mentor is a comprehensive educational solution enabling realistic training in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. Training includes mastering instruments and managing complications, aimed at completing TURP and BPH Treatment procedure practice without involving live patients.
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Didactic Tutorials

Didactic content and movies exemplify the best core procedural techniques. Basic training tasks provide initial hands-on experience, followed by performing realistic hands-on complete TURP procedures.

Photorealistic Simulation

Learners gain experience in identifying the anatomical landmarks, cystoscopy, performing a safe resection, and in controlling bleeding. The TURP Mentor simulates the important challenges of the procedure including:

  • Establishing clear viewing conditions
  • Identifying anatomical landmarks and obtaining a clear 3D mental image of the anatomy
  • Resecting the prostate while safely handling the loop electrode
  • Coagulating bleeding sources with the loop electrode
Hands-On Complication Training

The TURP Mentor simulates the important challenges of the TURP procedure, allowing trainees to learn how to efficiently control and manage bleeding and complications:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Capsule perforation
  • Verumontanum or sphincter resection
  • Fluid overload
Objective Feedback Reports

Feedback reports provide objective performance assessment and optional expert-defined scores (including visualized landmarks, economy of movements, safety and complications handling), while playback capabilities allow further discussion and review.

Realistic Simulation of Instruments

An adapted, original resectoscope is used to provide a complete simulation experience and to facilitate familiarization with instruments.

Management & Assessment – Instructor’s Administrative Benefits

The Administrator Mode facilitates the following:

  • Creation and organization of new users
  • An optional Guest account
  • Tracking and assessing trainees’ skills development. The objective feedback is archived and always accessible to both trainee and trainer
  • Generating extensive performance statistics of an individual or a group, which can also be used for studies and future certification