Comprehensive training to acquire all skills necessary to safely perform a complete laser BPH treatment. The module provides a training curriculum relying on self practice until reaching the desired proficiency level. Trainees learn and practice different laser techniques such as vaporization, vaporesection and enucleation.

With the Laser BPH Module, urologists can practice their basic skills and even perform a full procedure laser BPH on different patient scenarios. The eight complete patient cases differ in the size of the prostate, in the bleeding affinity of the virtual patient and in possible complications that may arise. For some patients, a median lobe removal solves the problem; in other cases hypertrophies of both lateral lobes make the intervention more challenging.

Learning Objectives:
  • Establish clear viewing conditions
  • Identify anatomical landmarks and obtain a clear 3D mental image of the anatomy
  • Adjust to the fulcrum effect and 30° angled scope
  • Acquire depth perception and hand-eye coordination
  • Safely handle endoscope and laser fiber
  • Perform vaporization, resection and/or enucleation of the different lobes
  • Control bleeding during the procedure
  • Manage complications with confidence
  • Perform a safety inspection at the end of the procedure