The Combined URO- PERC Mentor Platform Offers a Comprehensive Training Environment for Endourology and percutaneous renal access

The PERC Mentor™ platform, designed for realistic training, includes a mannequin that represents the virtual patient’s torso approached from the back. Two interchangeable cartridges fitted with life-like layers of epidermis and underlying tissue combined with simulated ribs that provide the haptic perception, provide the physical system for percutaneous puncturing.

The different cartridges enable practice on either normal or obese patients, and allow access to the right or left side. Two authentic needles sized 15 cm and 21 cm are provided for use on the two virtual patients during the simulated procedures to allow for a true-to life realistic simulation.

The cartridge contains an authentic model of the rib cage enhancing the tactile feeling of the procedure, and a puncture pad with life-like layers of epidermis and underlying. The unique design of the PERC Mentor enable changing the patient’s position to a prone-oblique 30 degrees position, for realistic training.