Realistic Simulation – Hardware and Software Experience

The PCN module enables practicing the renal puncture procedure under fluoroscopic guidance.  Using an authentic needle, the learner can access a preferred calyx and learn how to manipulate a guidewire to the selected calyx.  The realistic training experience is enhanced by real time simulated fluoroscopy images produced with the manipulation of a virtual C-Arm.

Educational Aids

Educational Aids features accompany the training experience, including a 3D anatomical map, virtual needle, visual indicator of aspiration results and more.

Medical Content

The PERC Mentor library of modules provides a curriculum consisting of both Essential Skills Training and Virtual Patient Cases.  The virtual patient cases provide training on puncturing the right or left kidney for both normal and obese patients, which are more challenging.

Learners learn how to cope with complications associated with percutaneous nephrostomy such as perforation of the collecting system and adjacent organ injury.

Management Mode:

The PERC Mentor™ provides solutions for the management of trainees, courses and workshops.  The following features are part of the simulator’s management mode:

  • Trainee File- personalized including personal details and records of each case performance
  • Trainee Grouping- for purposes of organizing courses and workshops
  • Tailor Made Tutorials- allowing employing instructional aids on selected specified cases
  • Archive- to save trainee files for future access
  • Exams- creating course based exams and assigning to trainee / group
Trainee Evaluation:

This feature includes a comprehensive list of parameters that provide important data for trainee performance evaluation. Using this feature offers the following benefits:

  • Both trainee and instructor are able to assess current ability level as well as the degree of improvement over the course of training
  • Trainee may review his performance at a later time
  • The instructor may review each of his trainee’s performance
  • Performance feedback is immediate
  • The Virtual Instructor feature provides warnings and directions