Polyp Removal

A uterine polyp is an endometrial lesion taking up space within the uterine cavity. Symptoms include irregular menstrual bleeding, bleeding between menstrual periods, excessively heavy menstrual bleeding, and vaginal bleeding after menopause. A hysteroscopic treatment is preferred to a blind curettage.

The module offers 8 virtual patients with various polyps in different position and aims at providing training for the first steps in operative hysteroscopy using the loop electrode.

Performance review provides feedback on the amount of the removed polyp, intervention ergonomics (intervention time, camera path), and intervention safety measures.

Learning Objectives:
  • To inspect the cavity completely and to describe visible pathologies
  • To cut the polyp with the cutting loop. If the polyp is not larger than the hysteroscopic sheath, try to cut the stalk directly. If it is larger, cut it in chips
  • To remove the stalk completely, while preserving the healthy tissue
  • To remove the cut pieces from the cavity
  • To perform a safety inspection at the end of the procedure