This module contains eight virtual patients with different pathologies, ranging from small to large polyps and myoma to multiple pathologies in one uterine cavity and even intramural parts of the pathology. The goal is to remove these pathologies with the morcellator blade and correctly use the scope, the blade and the pump, if you decide to use a fluid management system.

The simulator provides a performance review on the amount of pathology removed, safety measures, economic behavior (camera path, intervention time, use of fluid) and on proper visualization of the uterine surface and the fallopian tubes.

Learning Objectives:
  • To acquire hysteroscopy skills using a morcellator device
  • To inspect the cavity completely and describe visible pathologies
  • To use the MyoSure® Morcellator to remove the full pathology
  • To remove the stalk completely (while preserving the healthy tissue)
  • To work with the inflow and uterine distension to allow intramural parts of the myoma to expand into the cavity
  • To learn how to cope with multiple pathologies in one cavity
  • To inspect the anatomy for bleeding before ending the procedure