This module provides a complete curriculum designed for structured integration of hysteroscopy training in OB/GYN residency programs. It contains eight different skill exercises with custom-built feedback scores and reports, using an original diagnostic hysteroscope with working channel, providing ideal preparation for the operating room.

Exercises in a safe and realistic virtual environment provide a relaxed setting outside of the operating room to facilitate skills training. Each task focuses on one critical step of the procedure: Gaining access to the cervix (anteverted uteri, retroverted uteri), learning to manipulate uterine distension, navigation inside the uterine cavity, biopsy polyp removal using grasper or scissors and treating synechia and light cases of Asherman’s syndrome.

SimProctor™ Educational Guidance

Instructions on safe procedure performance are applied to the anatomical setting, incorporating best practices as defined by an expert panel, helping to learn the main behavioral rules during the procedure. The trainee is provided with tips and tricks to improve performance, ghost tools to demonstrate correct behavior, and videos to guide the trainee and various anatomical views are provided, such as an external and side view to help develop orientation. A patient comfort meter is provided to practice maintaining the best possible patient experience during the procedure.

Learning Objectives:
  • To understand the key concepts of hysteroscopy
  • To understand how to hold and manipulate the equipment
  • To practice gaining access to the cervix (anteverted uteri, retroverted uteri, small, large etc.)
  • To learn how to manipulate uterine distension
  • To navigate inside the cavity for visualization
  • To practice endometrial biopsy technique
  • To remove a polyp with grasper
  • To remove a polyp with scissors
  • To treat synechia and light cases of Asherman’s syndrome