Despite the advent of global ablation devices, rollerball endometrial ablation remains the gold standard for the permanent treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding. It is done under direct vision, and provides both diagnostic and therapeutic intervention for abnormal uterine bleeding.

The module contains 4 different virtual patients with varying shapes of uterine cavities. Endometrial ablation with the rollerball is an ideal exercise to gain practice in electrosurgery in all positions and in the entire uterus.

Performance review provides feedback on a visual overview of the coagulated uterine surface, intervention ergonomics (intervention time, camera path), and intervention safety measures.

The module offers 12 virtual patients with varying pathologies and with different levels of difficulty. The trainee gains experience in the usage of the angled optics, the way to establish clear view and learns to visualize the entire cavity in a safe environment.

Performance review provides feedback on an overview of the visualized uterine surface, intervention ergonomics (intervention time, camera path), intervention safety measures (collisions of camera with uterine wall), as well as feedback on fluid handling.

Learning Objectives:
  • To inspect the cavity completely and to describe visible pathologies
  • To use the rollerball in a systematic way to ablate the complete endometrial surface, while not ablating the endocervix
  • To perform a safety inspection at the end of the procedure