Hysteroscopy is the endoscopic treatment through the cervix with a scope and camera. It is indicated for the resection of submucous myoma and for the resection of lesions such as synechiae or septa. Removing polyps under direct vision prevents adverse events such as missing the polyp during a blind curettage. Thus, hysteroscopy is the gold standard for many diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in case of abnormal uterine bleeding, menstrual pain or even infertility.

The Advanced Hysteroscopy Module provides an opportunity for repetitive practice of surgical skills. The module includes various patients with advanced gynecologic pathologies and is intended for experienced physicians who already have basic skills in diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy. The trainee acquires advanced hysteroscopy skills and prepares for more difficult interventions such as multiple polyps and myomas of type I and II. Additional cases with uterine adhesions and a septum, challenge the trainees and provide better preparation for the operation room.

A comprehensive performance review is provided including the amount of pathology removed, safety measures, economy of movement such as camera path, intervention time and use of fluid, and on proper visualization of the uterine surface and the fallopian tubes.

Learning Objectives:
  • To acquire advanced skills in hysteroscopy
  • To learn how to cope with multiple pathologies in one cavity
  • To work with the inflow and uterine distension to let intramural parts of myomas expand into the cavity
  • To distinguish adhesions and synechiae from a septum
  • To re-establish intact uterine cavity by removing pathologies