In addition to hands-on experience of complete hysteroscopy procedures, the HYST Mentor hysteroscopy training program provides a set of educational aids making it a complete educational solution. Benefits include:

A Complete Training Curriculum

An extensive Library of Modules provides a complete curriculum, designed for structured integration of hysteroscopy training in OB/GYN residency program. The modules include essential skill exercises and cases featuring virtual patients with pathologies and anatomical variations in varying levels of difficulty. Easy diagnostic cases and small polyps provide an ideal learning environment for novice surgeons, while challenging fibroids provide a training environment for more experienced surgeons.

Didactic Tutorials

Didactic content and movies introduce and explain “best practice” in core procedural techniques.

Photorealistic Simulation and Realistic Hands-On Complication Training

The HYST Mentor simulates the important challenges of the hysteroscopic procedure:

  • Establishing and maintaining a clear view.
  • Detecting and coagulating bleeding sources.
  • Practicing fluid handling without putting a patient at risk.
  • Experiencing and reacting to one of the most common hysteroscopy complications during simulation- Perforation of the uterine cavity. Once a perforation occurs in the simulation, the cavity cannot be established and the learner is required to terminate the procedure.
  • Instructor Control allows creating bleeding, perforation or emergency scenarios (instrument failure, fluid overflow) on demand during a training session.
Objective Feedback Reports

The HYST Mentor provides highly realistic and useful training for hysteroscopic surgery, with high acceptance ratings for both experienced and novice surgeons [1]. Debriefing reports provide objective performance assessment and optional expert-defined scores regarding visualization, economy, safety and fluid handling. Images provide further learning aids, visualizing the instrument path and the visualized uterine surface. A movie recorded during performance allows replaying the complete intervention.

Realistic Simulation of Hysteroscopic Instruments

The simulation system uses a real resectosope to facilitate practicing instrument handling during hysteroscopy. A comprehensive variety of anatomical variations and pathologies enable mastering the techniques of hysteroscopy to proficiency.

Management and Assessment – Instructor’s Administrative Benefits

The administrator’s mode facilitates the following:

  • Creation and organization of new users
  • An optional Guest account
  • Tracking and assessing skills development of trainees. The objective feedback is archived and always accessible to both trainee and trainer
  • Generating extensive statistics of an individual or a group performance, which can also be used for studies and future certification

[1] “Evaluation of a new virtual-reality training simulator for hysteroscopy”. Bajka et al. Surgical Endoscopy. 2008