HYST Mentor

Presenting the Most Advanced Hysteroscopy Hands-On Training Simulator

The most comprehensive training system available for OB/GYN surgeons for diagnostic and therapeutic hysteroscopy. The simulator provides highly realistic and useful training for hysteroscopic surgery, with high acceptance ratings for both experienced and novice surgeons.

A Comprehensive Educational Solution

The HYST Mentor hysteroscopy training system is a comprehensive educational solution. Quality didactic tutorials are used to introduce and explain “best practice” in core procedural techniques. This is followed by a high fidelity simulation providing a realistic hands-on experience that includes mastering instruments and managing complications. Multiple, complete hysteroscopy procedures are available to provide a range and depth of relevant pre-clinical experiences. Meaningful and useful objective feedback facilitates and completes the learning process to provide consistent, efficient and cost-effective results that are difficult to achieve using traditional teaching methodologies.

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The HYST Mentor in Realistic Settings at the Center for Simulation and Integrated Healthcare Education, Summa Health System