Simbionix Announces Immediate Availability of its Newest Module for Training Laparoscopic Hernia Procedures

Cleveland, OH, USA, and Lod, Israel; Simbionix announces the availability of a new add-on module for the teaching and practice of laparoscopic hernia procedures. First of its kind in the industry, the LAP Hernia module is the latest addition to the suite of laparoscopic procedures developed for the LAP Mentor. The Hernia module features real-life clinical treatment scenarios and skills assessment tools for the teaching and practice of laparoscopic hernia procedures. The Simbionix LAP Mentor, with its intuitive user interface, represents the industry’s most advanced training content, 3-D real-life graphics and ergonomically designed hardware

The LAP Hernia module is targeted for the training of surgeons, who, in a series of real-life case studies, will be able to practice laparoscopic incisional hernia treatment procedures, including adhesiolysis and handling and fixating mesh,. The Hernia add-on module joins the growing library of software modules for the Simbionix LAP Mentor simulation product, including Essential LAP Skills, Suturing and Lap Chole modules.

“The new module for training LAP ventral hernia procedures reduces the need to train on animals, and then patients later on. Using simulation to learn and practice the various clinical scenarios positively impacts patient safety”, stated Jan F. Kukleta, MD, from the Laparoscopic Training Center in Zurich, Switzerland.

The LAP Hernia module will be launched in Europe at the EAES in Berlin, Germany on September 13-16 and at the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Chicago, Ill, October 8-12 (booth # 239).

Simbionix is committed to continuously innovating and growing its product offering. The wide range of training modules, case studies and scenarios is developed in response to the growing importance of clinical training and education for the improvement of patient care. As a world leader in the field of simulation-based medical education and training, Simbionix continues to provide professional training solutions in a timely and efficient manner.