Don’t miss these exciting new simulator platforms and modules that are expanding our reach into new specialties, with procedures and skills that will support medical education requirements for programs worldwide. 

As the global leader in medical simulation, we are proud to support SESAM 2022 and provide a hands-on opportunity to experience never-before-seen simulators.


Trauma VR Simulator

Experience an immersive emergency scene with the new Trauma VR simulator,  an innovative mixed reality solution for airway management utilizing complex surrounding scenarios (under development).

Veterinary Surgery Solutions

Surgical Science expands its portfolio and now helps veterinarians gain surgical confidence with the launch of LapSim Vet featuring Canine Laparoscopic Ovariectomy virtual reality simulation.

Pediatric Ultrasound

The Ultrasound Mentor family is expecting a new child. The upcoming Pediatric Ultrasound simulator offers realistic and highly utilized pediatric ultrasound hands-on training.

ENDO Mentor Suite

Introducing the ENDO Mentor Suite – Simbionix Ingenuity in a New Suite

The ENDO Mentor Suite unifies three widely recognized Simbionix simulators into one powerful solution that is setting a new bar for endoscopy training. The GI Mentor, BRONCH Mentor and the URO Mentor provide comprehensive virtual environments, as close to a real patient as possible. This multi-specialty platform is ergonomic, space-saving and uses real endoscopes. It enables both team and individual training thus making it ideal for all endoscopy training requirements.

PERC Mentor Suite

First-to-Market Virtual Reality Simulator for Image-Guided Interventions

The PERC Mentor Suite is an innovative multi-specialty simulator for hands-on training of image-guided percutaneous interventions.

Pericardiocentesis Module

This module includes procedural tasks and clinical cases for the training of ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis, accompanied by comprehensive educational aids. Trainee will be able to choose between common approaches (subxiphoid, apical or parasternal) and practice key procedural steps such as palpation, ultrasound evaluation, needle puncture, wire/catheter insertion and verification as well as fluid aspiration.

LAP Mentor

LAP Camera Pro

The new camera provides a realistic camera training experience and advanced camera features.


  • Highly realistic camera experience
  • Use of angled optics
  • Ability to use zoom and focus dials
  • Allows for advanced procedural features such as focus, zoom, white balance and light intensity
  • Improved team training experience

Camera Manipulation module

The module was designed to allow users to practice and master the fundamental skills of camera navigation and to use the angled optics in a safe and engaging environment. Requires LAP Camera Pro.

  • Acquire camera navigation skills such as camera holding, maintaining, and controlling the horizon, angled optics usage, and spatial awareness
  • Become familiar with straight and 30o angled camera navigation
  • Fun and engaging experience
  • Top-10 hall-of-fame scores for best performances to encourage excellence and greater skill

RobotiX Mentor

Consolidated Platform

The new and improved hardware platform incorporates cutting edge goggles and a monitor mounted on an adjustable arm.

New Cholecystectomy Module

Full procedure cases, allowing the trainee to acquire skills and knowledge of the key components of the Robotic Cholecystectomy procedure: gallbladder retraction, adhesions takedown, dissection, and exposure of triangle of Calot and achieving the critical view of safety, clipping and dividing of the cystic duct and artery, gallbladder resection and extraction.

The module offers different anatomical variations with varying difficulty level and features simulation of complications and emergencies such as injury to the cystic duct and artery, gallbladder perforation, and more.

The FireFly imaging mode allows visualization of the cystic ducts throughout the procedure.