The placement of a central venous line is an essential technique in the treatment of many hospitalized patients. The Central Line module incorporates hands-on tasks and clinical cases.  This provides procedural understanding, skills acquisition and manual dexterity of ultrasound-guided central venous line placement in the internal jugular vein or the subclavian vein, using in-plane and out-of-plane ultrasound guidance techniques. The simulated procedure is accompanied by comprehensive educational aids.

The module helps gain confidence in central venous line placement steps including ultrasound evaluation, puncture site selection, needle access, wire insertion and verification, in a variety of anatomical settings.

Target Audience

Interventional Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, Vascular Surgeons, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Physicians.

Module Features:

  • First-to-market virtual simulation of ultrasound-guided central line placement.
  • Live tracking of both needle and ultrasound probe – view the needle and probe position on both 3D anatomical map and ultrasound image.
  • Palpable puncture pad with layers, providing tactile feedback during puncture.
  • Procedural tasks provide step-by-step guided intervention.
  • Optional – Physical wire introduction provides a realistic training experience.
  • Multiple patient anatomies with varying internal jugular vein/common artery diameter and length.
  • Simulated complications including arterial puncture.
  • Enhanced educational value with self-guided tasks, organ puncture warnings and visual aids such as 3D needle image and syringe filling indicator.
  • Enhanced performance report and safety assessment.