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At IMSH, Surgical Science demonstrates MentorLearn Online on Mobile Devices in Booth #625

For the first time, Surgical Science will be demonstrating the MentorLearn Cloud-Based Simulation Management System on mobile devices such as mobile phones and personal tablets. MentorLearn provides online access to the Simbionix simulators, and allows to perform administrative tasks with ease of use. A library of ready-to use courses and MentorLearn’s simple interface to design courses makes it easy to create a standardized training curriculum, including flexibility to add educational content and proficiency benchmarks.

This online system takes performance data from all simulation training and saves it to one database, providing a single access point to all the data from the simulator training. Finally, by looking at the performance reports, the program director can see, at a glance, how residents are doing.  MentorLearn is accessible, easy-to-use and has the end-to-end solution needed by simulation users and administrators.

“Modern evidence based training programmes in technical simulation include a period of self-directed training sessions on the simulator before attempting to pass the relevant test and acquiring certification. The MentorLearn Platform is a great help for the course administrator in this respect. It is possible to follow the individual trainee from your home computer, assign cases to train and post study material, keep track of how the trainee does and how much time she spends on the simulator.

The different 3D simulators in our unit may all be found in our MentorLearn access, and it is thus possible to see what other courses the trainee has worked on. A very well thought out and useful administration tool.” Karen Lindorff-LarsenHead of department M.d., Asst. Prof. NordSim Center for Skills Training and Simulation Aalborg University Hospital.