Meniscectomy Curriculum

The following curriculum is focused on the Meniscectomy procedure: relevant pathologies and their classification, instrumentation and procedural steps.

  • Recognize the different types of meniscal tears and understand their preferred treatment method.
  • Be familiar with different meniscectomy tools and understand their advantages and pitfalls.
  • Learn and practice the procedural steps in a meniscectomy procedure.
  • Evaluate correctly the amount of meniscus that needs to be removed in a meniscectomy procedure.
Target Audience
  • Orthopedic surgery residents from PGY1 through PGY3
  • Practicing orthopedic surgeons with limited experience performing arthroscopic surgery
  • Beginning arthroscopists
  • The learner has little experience with arthroscopy.
  • The learner has prior arthroscopic motor skills practice.
  • The learner has prior anatomical knowledge of the knee joint and the arthroscopic portals.
Suggested Time Length

Completion of the entire course should take around 2 hours.


Matthew C. Sardelli, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

The full curriculum may be found here:

Meniscectomy Curriculum