January Press Release – Simbionix and eTrinsic Form Exclusive Partnership

CLEVELAND, Ohio and Louisville, Co: Simbionix USA Corporation, a leading developer of advanced medical simulation products and eTrinsic, Inc, a developer of interactive medical education and assessment tools, today announced an exclusive partnership to develop a new generation of educational, assessment and simulation technologies and products for the medical device and physician education market. The joint development project will provide the first comprehensive, safe and cost effective technology-based surgical training solution. It will combine web-based clinical education with the most advanced ‘hands-on’ surgical simulation tools into an integrated and complete system of physician education and metrics-based assessment. “The market is ready for one solution that combines metrics-based didactic clinical education with the best in class simulation and assessment technology.” said Jacques Devaud, CEO and President of eTrinsic, Inc. In addition, the two companies will form a collaborative sales and marketing strategy to better address the needs of the surgical training market, expanding the business lines of both enterprises to accelerate growth. According to David Barkay, Simbionix CEO “Having the opportunity to work with eTrinsic, the recognized leader in web-based training, allows both companies to offer, for the first time in our industry, a comprehensive solution for physician training. The combination of our companies’ competencies opens the door to approach new markets as well as upgrading existing customers.” Both companies anticipate that the new systems will be fully accredited and healthcare professionals that successfully complete the programs will receive Continuing Medical Education credits. Additional clinical modules on all Simbionix products will be available in the near future.