Innovative Simulation Solutions Change Surgical Education- Simbionix Launches Four New Products At ACS

Cleveland, OH: Simbionix USA Corporation, a world leader of medical simulation training and education products, will introduce a record number of new products at the upcoming American College of Surgeons Exhibition, including the MentorLearn™ Online solution for both the LAP Mentor™ and the GI-BRONCH Mentor™, the new LAP Mentor™ Appendectomy Module, the Suturing Module for the da Vinci®Si™ Skills Simulator and a Suggested Implementation of the ACS/APDS Surgical Skills Curriculum.

MentorLearn, the company’s web based Simulator Management System, provides the optimal solution for managing training and education needs for the Simbionix line of simulators. Being available on both the LAP Mentor and the GI-BRONCH Mentor allows training centers the opportunity to incorporate multi-disciplinary simulators into the residency curriculum, and provide documentation of training for accreditation and certification – which is the ideal solution for the ACGME requirement for simulation based training.

The LAP Mentor Appendectomy Complete Procedure Module provides training for the skills and knowledge of key components of the Appendectomy procedure. The module enables practicing a variety of techniques and appropriate use of surgical instruments. An anatomical 3D map, real-life videos, interactive 3D guidance and comprehensive objective performance metrics enrich and enhance the learning experience.

Simbionix has partnered with Intuitive Surgical® to develop the Simbionix Suturing Module for virtual reality simulation of suturing on the Skills Simulator™ for the da Vinci®Si™ System.

This module is a continuation of Simbionix’s effort to provide highly realistic and effective tools designed for cost-effective integration in surgical curricula across multiple disciplines and technologies.

The new LAP Mentor curriculum deployed on the MentorLearn application- “Simbionix Suggested Implementation of the ACS/APDS Surgical Skills Curriculum for Residents, Phase 2: Advanced Procedures”, adheres to the objectives outlined by ACS/APDS and their corresponding training modules, incorporating Simbionix complete procedure simulation within the modules where applicable, and premium video based educational content.

Gary Zamler, Simbionix CEO, commented: “I am proud to work in a company that has maintained its mission as stated when established, to continuously create partnerships and products to provide the most advanced tools in the market. Our close collaboration with the surgical community is one of our building blocks, assisting us in our ongoing process of enhancing our simulators by adding training modules to both our systems and to additional surgical solutions created by others,  and expanding learning opportunities and learning processes. Our goal is to provide medical education programs and accrediting bodies with flexible yet complete training tools.”

Stop by Simbionix booth #2026 at ACS, October 1-3, in Chicago, IL, for a hands-on experience of the LAP Mentor, LAP Mentor Express, GI-BRONCH Mentor and recently introduced GI Express, alongside our new products.