Surgical Science and Simbionix have combined forces to become the world’s leading supplier of medical virtual reality simulators. Our clinically validated and innovative training simulation solutions provide a safe environment to master skills and procedures prior to patient interaction.

Working closely with societies and the medical community, we use advanced technology to create unmatched graphics and haptics for a realistic learning experience.

Surgical Science education resources are used in simulation centers, hospitals, universities, and by medical device partners in over 60 countries, helping medical professionals become more skilled and confident.


ENDO Mentor Suite

Introducing the ENDO Mentor Suite – Simbionix Ingenuity in a New Suite

The ENDO Mentor Suite unifies three widely recognized Simbionix simulators into one powerful solution that is setting a new bar for endoscopy training. The GI Mentor, BRONCH Mentor and the URO Mentor provide comprehensive virtual environments, as close to a real patient as possible. This multi-specialty platform is ergonomic, space-saving and uses real endoscopes. It enables both team and individual training thus making it ideal for educational programs and training centers.

Announcing The First Consolidated GI Endoscopy Skills Competition

During IMSH 2022, we will launch the first quarterly global GI Endoscopy Skills Competition, open exclusively to ENDO Mentor Suite users.

Scoring from all ENDO Mentor Suite centers will be consolidated to determine 3 top performers worldwide who will become GI Endoscopy Skills Champions and enter our prestigious Hall of Fame!

PERC Mentor Suite

First-to-Market Virtual Reality Simulator for Image-Guided Interventions

The PERC Mentor Suite is an innovative multi-specialty simulator for hands-on training of image-guided percutaneous interventions.

New Release:
Pericardiocentesis Module

This module will include procedural tasks and clinical cases for the training of ultrasound-guided pericardiocentesis, accompanied by comprehensive educational aids. Trainee will be able to choose between common approaches (subxiphoid, apical or parasternal) and practice key procedural steps such as palpation, ultrasound evaluation, needle puncture, wire/catheter insertion and verification as well as fluid aspiration.

LAP Mentor

LAP Camera Pro

The LAP Camera Pro new camera provides a realistic camera training experience and advanced camera features.


  • Highly realistic camera experience
  • Use of angled optics
  • Ability to use zoom and focus dials
  • Allows for advanced procedural features such as focus, zoom, white balance and light intensity
  • Improved team training experience

New: Camera Manipulation module

The module was designed to allow users to practice and master the fundamental skills of camera navigation and to use the angled optics in a safe and engaging environment. Requires LAP Camera Pro.

  • Acquire camera navigation skills such as Camera holding, maintaining, and controlling the horizon, angled optics usage, and spatial awareness
  • Become familiar with straight and 30o angled camera navigation
  • Fun and engaging experience
  • Top-10 hall of fame scores for best performances to encourage excellence and greater skill


MentorLearn on the LAPSim

The LAPSim is the first Surgical Science simulator to incorporate MentorLearn Cloud curricula management system.

Hardware Facelift

  • Side touch panel replaced by trackpad – concentrate interactions to one screen, with remained ergonomics.
  • Reduced depth of monitor pole – improved ergonomics while using touch screen.
  • Keyboard shelf – a dedicated and accessible storage.
  • Ethernet cable mounted on back panel – allows for easier connection.

RobotiX Mentor

Hardware Facelift

  • Cutting edge goggles – for convenience and improved quality
  • Consolidated platform with monitor mounted on an adjustable arm – for simple setup, improved ergonomics and user accessibility

New Cholecystectomy Module (Coming Soon)

  • Full procedure cases, allowing the trainee to acquire skills and knowledge of the key components of the Robotic Cholecystectomy procedure.
  • Simulated complications and emergencies such as injury to the cystic duct and artery, gallbladder perforation, and more.
  • The FireFly imaging mode allows visualization of the cystic ducts throughout the procedure.


The FlexVR is a compact and flexible training platform designed to teach basic and advanced skills of robotic surgery to a wider audience, from medical students to experienced surgeons. The FlexVR allows trainees to quickly learn the fundamentals of robotic surgery, such as wristed instrument manipulation, camera control, clutching, energy control, needle driving, and suturing.

Ultrasound Mentor


Unlimited simulated ultrasound cases are possible with the MyCase editor.  Simply import real patient scans (volumes) from your ultrasound equipment into the Ultrasound Mentor.

The scans are converted into simulation cases, creating a library of unlimited scenarios that can be practiced in a valuable hands-on learning experience.

MyCase provides the ability to quickly create new clinical training scenarios, either healthy or pathological, in just a short and simple workflow.

TEE Emergency

This module includes procedural tasks and clinical case scenarios for hands-on training of Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) exam in emergency medicine.

1st TEE Online Simulator Certification

Remote learning has become crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultrasound Mentor offers Cloud-based simulation capability.

In collaboration with EACVI (European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging), we developed a virtual simulator based on our TEE Module  that was used during EuroEcho meeting to evaluate young cardiologists Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE/TOE) skills and knowledge, focusing on basics of TEE. Using the computer keyboard and mouse, participants were able to navigate the virtual TEE probe, follow a scan protocol to capture 11 standard views and identify the anatomical structures on each view.

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ANGIO Mentor

ANGIO Mentor Suite II

The most advanced endovascular team training platform, with realistic patient mannequin, easy integration of a real C-arm, integrated real TEE probe, 5 access sites and radiation awareness training using “See the Invisible”.

Unique Live Echo Capabilities – TEE and ICE

Using the TEE module on the ANGIO Mentor Suite II provides a unique opportunity to practice self-guided TEE (Transesophageal Echocardiography) standard view acquisition using a real TEE probe introduced through the mannequin’s mouth. In addition, practicing endovascular interventions with Live TEE alongside the angiographic imaging allows conducting cath lab team training – including the interventionalists, the echocardiographer, and the entire cath lab team.

ANGIO Mentor modules enable introducing a real ICE (Intracardiac Echocardiography) catheter handle and practicing fluoroscopic positioning of the ICE catheter and standard view acquisition in real time.

ICE and TEE provide realistic visualization of cardiac structures and cath lab tools during the procedure and enable practicing anatomical recognition using labels.

See the Invisible – The First Radiation Awareness Augmented Reality Proctoring Tool

Using augmented reality technology, the application visualizes real-time radiation scatter in the room, taking into consideration C-arm projections and other imaging parameters, while practicing endovascular interventions.


The Speculum Examination and Pap Test module provides self-guided step-by-step practice for cervix examination as well as a pap test, using true-to-life speculum and pap smear tools. This hybrid model combines physical and virtual simulation training.

Unlike any other simulators available, with this unique and innovative simulator and module, trainees can gain confidence, improve eye-hand coordination and learn to position examination tools accurately to avoid patient’s discomfort, prior to performing the examination on a real patient.

Briar-Cliff Webinar case study


ARTHRO Mentor is an advanced arthroscopic training simulator. As the most effective tool for arthroscopic surgery skills acquisition, the system reduces training time and considerably improves the learning curve of the complex surgery techniques.

ARTHRO Mentor features a line of simulated procedures, combining fiberglass / polyurethane anatomical models (shoulder, knee and hip) with 3D images and haptic sensation, to allow users to learn key aspects of the procedures. Simulated procedures are performed utilizing a realistic set of tools as used in the OR including the arthroscopic camera, which allow the trainee to acquire a true-to-life hands-on experience.

MentorLearn Cloud

Fresh User Interface

Our simulators now feature a new interface for MentorLearn curricula management system, helping administrators, educators and learners to streamline training processes and efficiently achieve their educational objectives.