New Releases in a 30 Second Video

Looking Forward to Seeing You at IMSH

IMSH’s virtual exhibit hall hours are from 8:00-10:00AM EST, 12:00-2:00PM EST and 3:00-5:00PM EST every Wednesday from January 19 – March 31. See us at the Surgical Science’ table. On January 20 from 8:00 – 10:00 you can see Amy (Natsis) Kafantaris and Chris Smith, from 12:00 – 2:00 meet with Patrick Morrissey and Chad Osinski and from 3:00 – 5:00 you can meet with Tom Barrett-Smith and Mike DiMezza.

IMSH Learning Lab Laparoscopy at
Indiana University

IMSH attendees join us on February 17 from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST for a learning lab: Integration of the high-fidelity VR LAP Mentor simulator in hands-on training – an Indiana University Case Study.

LAP Mentor – Inguinal Hernia Mesh/Nissen Fundoplication

Ask about the LAP Mentor’s new Inguinal Hernia task that allows for the practice of mesh placement and peritoneal flap closure skills. Also new: industry first training of Nissen Fundoplication dissection skills within tissue planes, featuring highly realistic graphics and new UI.

Realistic robotic surgery simulation

The RobotiX Mentor offers realistic simulation to practice key steps of a procedure in an accurate and freely reactive simulated anatomical environment. This standalone robotic training simulator has accurate kinematics and tools which provides the most realistic representation of the hand movements of robotic surgery. Now with telestration.

Coming Soon: Robotic Cholecystectomy

The RobotiX Mentor training simulator will soon release a new procedural module for Robotic Cholecystectomy. This will be a valuable addition to our robotic surgery library of modules.

Recent ANGIO Mentor Releases

Have you experienced all of the recent ANGIO Mentor training simulator releases? Request a demo of the See The Invisible– AR Proctoring Tool, ANGIO Mentor Suite IITransradial CerebraliCase PeripheralsEP MappingLAA Closure + Live TEE, Simbionix Suggested Benchmarks, Coronary Interventions – new Post-TAVI PCI cases and defibrillation cuffs, and Acute Ischemic Stroke update – new cases with challenging anatomies.

Simulator of Choice for Societies

The GI-BRONCH Mentor offers endoscopy and bronchoscopy scaled learning opportunities from basic to the most advanced. It is the leading platform for proficiency-based evaluation worldwide and the simulator of choice of leading associations. Self-directed learning follows structured curricula and receives objective assessment.

Pandemic Training COVID-19 Module

An alternative to chest radiography and CT scanning in COVID-19 patients, the module includes lung ultrasound and echocardiography clinical cases of patients suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19. The module also includes a rich educational video library developed with top KOLs. Installed on Ultrasound Mentor simulators worldwide, it is helping improve patient care during the pandemic. Case studies.

Ultrasound Cloud-Based Simulation – Coming Soon

Ultrasound Cloud-Based Simulation – enables distance hands-on training of ultrasound using a personal computer and a mouse.

Collaboration with American College of Cardiology

Echo for non-cardiographer video tutorial series and a joint curriculum. Available on MentorLearn as well as the ACC online platform, developed to support the need generated by COVID-19.

PERC Mentor Suite

The only virtual multi-specialty simulator for ultrasound and fluoroscopy guided interventions: one platform that provides endless training opportunities. Simply plug-in the relevant anatomy and start practicing. Modules include Central Line, Pericardiocentesis (coming soon) and Thoracentesis – Supine.

Pelvic Exam Simulation

The PELVIC Mentor training simulator includes the following modules that are often uses as a substitute for standardized patients and clinical hours due to their realism: Anatomical Recognition, Pelvic Exam and Speculum Examination and Pap Test.

Validated, Affordable Arthroscopy Simulator

Have you tried the ARTHRO Mentors dynamic haptics for a large range of pathologies? Request a demo to experience the adaptive tactile sensation for drilling, suturing, shaving, and palpation on the knee, shoulder and hip. Review the complete didactic environment that promotes self-learning with meaningful performance metrics, and much more.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Training

The SPINE Mentor simulator’s realism is unmatched with a 3d printed spine and life-like puncture pad for accurate palpation and needle penetration sensation. Request a demo to experience the patient in a lateral or prone position, real time simulated fluoroscopic image, dynamic haptics that simulate anatomic obstacles and usage of LOR technique with realistic resistance during needle puncture.